John Mayer's Paradise Valley.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I wouldn't believe that I'd be fascinated with this album.

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Released last August 2013, John Mayer's Paradise Valley gained positive reviews among country rock listeners. I am not usually this mega country music fan--my dad is-- but hearing songs like this once in a while makes me feel at peace and chill. I think that last time I engrossed my heart out with country and her angelic voice would be Alison Krauss and Shania Twain. I can't even compare him to any other singers, particularly the one I previously drown my ears into.

Even Taylor Swift would probably agree to me. But that's not gonna happen for sure. :)

I feel happy hearing the song. I feel like I am listening to an exclusive OST of a Western Drama series. To be honest, it gives me this "I-look-forward-for-a-next-relaxing-track" literally to every track. Maybe because of the guitars, piano ensemble? Maybe because of John's voice?It still gives me this creeps I felt since You're body is a Wonderland, but more on the traditional "country" feel, like how Alabama or Kenny Rogers would take it. Chill, soothing, something that I can do my blog right now on a ecstatic mood I can never tell.

Like Bruno, he's just one badass, multi-talented man. Trust me.

Maybe I really love country music more than I know myself.

Anyway, the track list.

1. Wildfire
2. Dear Marie
3. Waitin' On the Day
4. Paper Doll
5. Call Me the Breeze (a JJ Cale cover)
6. Who You Love feat. Katy Perry
7. I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)
8. Wildfire feat. Frank Ocean
9. You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down
10. Badge and Gun
11. On the Way Home

Abbey's favorite: Waitin' On the Day

Songs that were notably discussed among forums and famous review sites are Paper Doll and Who You Love, where in the former was rumored to be an answer to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's song "22", and the latter being a soulful, lovely duet with Katy Perry, whom he is currently dating.

The song even released with a Music Video two days ago and spread like wildfire.

So now my question is, will he bring Katy to the Paradise Valley? lol... The answer to that would be simple: the album is indeed continuously amuses every listener of how John Mayer delivers  great songs without exerting so much effort just to make you feel you've put in contrary. It makes you feel good without worrying you've left everything else behind.

You can check out some latest news and updates regarding upcoming shows on his official website and also his past and current songs and music videos on his Vevo channel. Please support this album by buying it on your local music stores, or on iTunes.

Disclaimer. John Mayer is John Mayer and I do not own the said videos nor the information mentioned, nor reproduced for personal use but is only shared for the information of this blog entry.

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