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I am always, and maybe perhaps, will forever be fascinated with how Bruno Mars writes his songs and creates the melodies to be combined and become a great music. Sometimes a bit explicit (really, who am I kidding? lol), but he usually makes it to a point that the messages in his songs are conveyed to the listeners who can relate the most--- well, occasionally, myself included.

From his first massive hit album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Bruno's music on Unorthodox Jukebox has continued its reggae-pop-rock style, with a little distinction being that the tracks lived up to the "jukebox" music abracadabra.

Associating from the word 'jukebox', you'd know you're hitting the vibe when you're pacified with some funky, juicy arrangement. Soothing, probably because of the crisp reggae touch, man, who in the world doesn't love Bruno when he sings from the heart? I don't know about you, but each track has this characteristic of creating a space-time warp to the eras of The PoliceMichael Jackson, and of course the Father of Reggae, Bob Marley. No one can sing like he does. He's really talented. It sounds obviously biased and a bit fangirling (yep, that's ther term, folks) but, really,

need I say more? 

I know for a fact that Bruno is overly expressive in his lyrics, but for me, that just shows how passionate he truly is in the music scene. I mean, who cares?

I know. 'coz I'm his girlfriend. LOL Dream ON. :))


1. Young Girls
2. Locked Out of Heaven
3. Gorilla
4. Treasure
5. Moonshine
6. When I Was Your Man
7. Natalie
8. Show Me
9. Money Make Her Smile
10. If I Knew

Locked Out of Heaven is the first single that came out from this album and is by default the most popular new wave, funky sound he ever made. That's my opinion though. For me, I'd list it down as my perhaps, my most favorite track of the album, not until further down I hear this piano ballad song called When I Was Your Man. I may sound exaggerating on this one but, man--- it did made me feel I wanna cry while listening. It lived up to the description that it is a regretful, sad song and I can imagine how he really made such a wasted time for the girl he loves. With that being said, yes, it is my current most favorite song he made to date. Even American Idol Season 12 Grand Winner Candice Glover made a rendition of this song in the competition. Second single from the album, by the way.

Third single that was released was called Treasure. It was fun and danceable retro track, one of my most favorite songs too. The music video was super cute and retro-ish! Brings back memories, as if I was listening to MJ's Rock With You or to Earth, Wind and Fire's September. It was cool and oh, did I say it was a danceable track?

The recent single the came out was the song a few days ago was Gorilla, and literally the reason behind the album cover. Bruno described the animal as the "mascot" of the album. True enough. Song wise, is somehow "sensual" when you get the meaning of the song is, really. Albeit cocky in some sort, but I don't mind. In a written interview, Bruno said that he relates the song in the peak of his cocaine possession days: wild, trembling, experimental..

Although not counted as the official first single of the album, the song Young Girls acts as the promotional single for the whole album. The rest of the songs are remarkable too, most notably songs such as Natalie, a song that narrates an interesting story about his gold digger ex-girlfriend, Moonshine, which really has this influence of a Michael Jackson song, and Show Me, a reggae track, quite similar vibe as the previous album's song Liquor Store Blues.

Without further ado, Here's some of the singles' promotional videos.

Locked Out of Heaven

When I Was Your Man

I just want to share Candice Glover's take on the song for AI Final 4 :)


Gorilla's Official Audio clip

Before I forget! Bruno has launched the Moonshine Jungle Tour 2013 across US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. No announcements for an Asian Tour yet so make sure to check out his websitefacebook page and his VEVO account for updates. Meanwhile, check the clip below for the tour details.

I am just so happy to share with you how I am enthralled with Bruno Mars, if not for all, maybe most of  you do too.

Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox and Doo-Wops & Hooligans album and other single releases are physically available at any record bars, and officially, digitally available on iTunes.

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