Friday, September 08, 2017

Even though it has been almost two weeks since their concert, the warm response is still roaming around social media of how awesome it was, that our local, Filipino musicians flew all the way here to make me and fellow kababayans happy.

It was last 27th August that we went to Requiem Rising Singapore-sponsored OPM concert featuring Terno Recordings' promising bands, mainly Up Dharma Down, or now known as UDD for short, with front acts: instrumental band AOUI, happy metal/rock band Giniling Festival and pop rock band Maude.

short segmnt- ootd! :D

They held the show at Timbre+, an urban food hall slash gastropark that showcased a variety of restaurants at affordable price. We arrived there almost the exact time and was surprised that the queue outside was long.

While queuing, instrumental band AOUI is in the stage. Formed only last year, AOUI was actually a band formed from members of other Terno bands. I think their music was inspired by Japanese music. They were actually a cooler band than I was expecting them to be! 

I was looking forward to dinner after their set. Luckily, in this venue also I saw a stall that carries Filipino lechon that is in this resto called Iskina Cebu. Albert told me that he used to eat here since he used to work nearby. 

my cravings for lechon is finally resolved! :D

While we were eating, Giniling Festival was playing on the stage. It was such as shame that I did not get to take any photo of them since I was guarding our seats far from the stage while waiting for Albert who was in the line to order. Iskina Cebu's a blockbuster, I tell you.

Maude was next on the list and the last band on the front act. I've known Maude since the ex-guitarist was a classmate and friend of mine in college, and the bassist was a college batchmate as well. 


They had a short break to prepare for the main event of the night. We met our friend, Glenn (Maude and AOUI's bassist) and manage to do a photo with him :)

We met few attendees before UDD's performance. We got to see Albert's cousin, Chel in attendance.

And so... UDD started!

Loud cheers, oohs and aahs are heard, as the band started with "Sana" as their first track in the setlist. Billy told me it was his favorite song. Lucky they did that first!

More famous songs that we assumed were mostly fan favorites, and of course they sang their very famous song, Tadhana. They also played about two new songs that they told us would surely be in their next album. I knew about those songs. And I was happy that they played it that night. 

It was such a fun night. I think that this little human in my belly was happy too even though the crowd and the band were too loud for the baby (we were at the front) but still, listening to the band for an hour and a half makes the whole experience complete.

Few more photos with friends who came with us!

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