Unboxing Sony Playstation 4

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I know for a fact that I mustn't distract myself for my upcoming professional examinations, but let me at least take a break from it and blog about how fabulous the greatness that is Sony Playstation 4.

Albert has made a pre-order months ago for the official scheduled release today in Singapore so I took the chance to get and witness the awesomeness and unbox our new toy.

It's fresh in the oven, I should say. So, without further ado, this is what we got:



The theme of this latest console from Sony would be reducing it's bulkiness. That's a fact. Some say that it also leads onto the "edgy" side so that it brings a more "futuristic" feel, but that's just minor, in my opinion. The specs are promising, not only for the console but for the rest of its accessories, and you can find the rest of the info here.


Much like in Xbox Kinect, this Playstation camera does not only act as a motion sensor but also enables you to do voice recognitions and also to interact in an AR bot demo called Playroom, and can be interactive along with your Dualshock 4. I don't really dig much into it yet, but maybe, when things are finally over, I might find time to amuse myself with it.


What I love about the new controller is that, it carries the right weight you feel your hands wants to touch into, and is visually nice. I know for a fact that the evolution of the controllers isn't as drastic as how the consoles are made but, it just gives you the composition that it paid its mark towards the theme of how everything was made. 


The must-haves in the items were the manual (of course), the power cable and HDMI cables. Also, they have included an earpiece that you can now attached in the Dualshock 4. Pretty cool.

Also, we get to play online for free--- for a month! Noice..

So far, this is how it looks like. We still need to buy the stand for the console as it is not included in the box. Yes. Sucks a bit though.

Albert knows how to make me suffer a little bit, so he bought another Dualshock 4 in case I feel like joining him... 

What's inside?

We are experimenting the basics of the console and we have played with Asobi, the default robot cyber pet and came up with multiple AR bots like this one.

We can do a vacuum move from the Dualshock so that we can gather all the AR bots we released and put it back in the controller. Just like this:

Looks like a disco down there. :)

Sadly, most of the best games for this console are only to be released next year, That is why we had an argument prior to this day if he really is serious about buying this. Albert hasn't finished playing Ni No Kuni on PS3 yet so probably he would get that done first before starting this one. But why would a happy kid at heart listen to whatever I say, anyway?

For those who are in Singapore, you can now buy Playstation 4 notably at the shops inside Funan Digitalife Mall or in your favorite electronics and games shop (Challenger, Courts, Newstead) islandwide.

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