Friday's whattabouts... (shit i like my new hairdo!)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

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---simbang gabi updates---

mwahaha! i got 3 nights, completed! lolz! i'm so lucky na me chapel dito malapit samin! wahihi!! and besides, i have overslept again! (i'm sorry beng...) hmm... that's why i got so up again this morning... (nyehehe... paastigan kami ni adikCarlo-ness. amp. we'll see into that!)

hmm... what else to say? oh yeah, last friday i was about to attend mim's debut at Plaza Ibarra in tomas morato... but i have found out recently that my assigned topic (you know, yung paimportanteng Sociology 3) in the Catholic Social Thought was sooooo long! tae! Pacem in Terris... amp... peace on earth nya mukha nya! T_T but, mind you: my classmates' topic were even longer than mine! i've been looking for this for a week now, and the due's tomorrow naaaa!! so ayun... hinde ako nakapunta...

and oh, last friday too, the Architecture basketball team had its game to the Commerce varsity at the gymnasium right after our p.e. class... we didn't realized that we are the only archi sutdents who were there cheering for them, amidst all those bunch of commerce ladies and gents. in the first two quarters the game was in favor of them, but the last two quarters went all wrong! it's like the world changes its luck! damn... it ended with the score of 68 - 74 (?) well, making the commerce team the winner. after that, the four of us (kring, beng, MayNor and me) went to SM san lazaro, for the knowing that only MN had her solid purpose of going there. While she was taking the session of her hair straightening, we left her and had our lunch and then go window shopping. beng bought a santa hat in her own expense ( in which she said if when her mom dares to call and ask me i would back her up telling that i gave that to her as a gift! [you lil liar! n__n] ) i wanted to have a santa hat too as well but it seems that it is way oversized! maybe i could buy in other stores that would fit my small head. lol. =)) pag-iisipan ko pa rin.

we returned after an hour to see MN's hair, hehe... and then kring suggested that maybe she could have her hair cut too... maybe she was bored seeing herself nad her hair straight and long, so we grabbed one of their hair catalogs and decided to pick that cute style for her. and then while looking, another page mesmerized me, telling me that i should put on that shoulder lenghted hairdo of that model. cute nya kasi, that model in the catalog has this bangs until to her nose level and her hair ends dressed in fly-away style. eh ako pa naman, without using anything my hair goes fly away, well that is if my hair was as that as short. kring deceived me, if i wanted too as well... amp... B.I.! so there!! i finally had my haircut done... bye bye long hair ulit! i really missed seeing myself this way! its not that short you know! i could still do a pony.. and i wouldn't deny my hair has gone thinner this year. i got so worried, hay. it runs in our blood though. add that white strands of hair would mean like a curse for me. and besides, though at times i even don't care with what would be looked like when it is uncombed every morning, still i got the chance to fix it. as it goes thinner and thinner, i could see my scalp already! totoo! you could ask my colleagues for this! so in this new style i got, it looks a lil bit thicker... eyns said yesterday morning it sure did have volume, unlike before it was that plain, old, flat long hair i used to have. she liked the way it sees my hair fly away! i laughingly blushed, anu ka ba! i'm quite annoyed though, coz the other side wouldn't twist normally as good as the other. still... i'm getting used to. thanks guys.

papauwi, beng and i rode the LRT (oh yeah... i am the known train dependent!). i decided na lang to drop by at PUP's search for Mr. and Ms Advertising 2005, with madie, as one of their 'staffer's or 'major organizer' kumbaga. as what her story says, they're the only section who hadn't got the share or part in the said event. so, ayun. organizers sila. she was so busy that she neglected to entertain me. pero nakapagusap kami. i was so happy also i got the chance to meet again Ms. Acel Bisa--former vocalist of Moonstar88!! after about three years? yeah. she sang a song she composed.. and on the back stage i got the chance to let her sign my paperback!! (wala kasing extra paper eh!) hahahaha! now my paperback sure does have a value now! ^__^ thanks madie, and ms. acel!

so, ayun lang! thanks for dropping by!

---a newly discovered fact---
(well, maybe u have already know this already... ako hindi pa eh! kanina lang!)

where did angels derive its name? huh?

hehehe... i was in-full-solid ears listening the homily the priest told us in our simbang gabi a while ago. angels--or anghel sa tagalog, as we all know means "a messenger of God", right? ang anghel pala ay nakuha sa word na "ebANGHELyo"... or Evangelist. so therefore... to sum it up, angel is an Evangelist... which means "Good News" naman. so, the carrier of the Good News of God, is in fact, called an angel.

oh musta ka naman! me nalaman ka na naman sakin! wahahaha! well, that is, if didn't know it yet. oha! isang bagsak! YEBAH BOY!! hirit pa ulit! NYAHOY CHAMPOY!! =))

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