Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aside from Maroon 5, Coldplay's one of my most anticipated western acts to perform that I could possibly see in my lifetime. I haven't seen nor been to any Maroon 5 concerts, though... but I dare did not let my chance pass when Coldplay continued their latest album tour and opened their 2017 leg here in Singapore. Unlike Maroon 5 that somehow made their way to include the island in their tours more frequent than the latter, it was said that Coldplay's returning to the Lion City was after eight years.

Eight years, can you imagine? o_O

It was around late November of last year when the tickets were sold to the general public. I am telling you: the web traffic at that time was drop dead massive! If you were able to get it online for me then, I'd probably serve you for the rest of my life. (lol exage :D) but seriously speaking, you most likely COULDN'T. And so, because of the high demand, the Singapore leg had it extended for it to happen for two days. It was amazing at the quick reckoning of it but it became all just the same when in terms of the chances.

Luckily, one of our friends (bless you, Emman and Jannelli!) 'camped' the night before the 31st March show ticket selling started. Remember that time I also camped for the tickets of Perfume's World Tour 1st? I think that it is the right time now to mention properly that I was with Emman also at that time. (yes, I am naming you now after 5 years lol). So yeah, that time around, I couldn't camp along with him as I was working, and luckily, his girlfriend and her friends were eager to watch the show. If not for their efforts, we would most probably be unable to see that glory on stage.

The tickets were pricey since it's a VIP ticket, hence I am telling you sincerely. It was all worth it.

Fast forward to 2017, 31st March.

I was and currently am not employed to any company, and the concert came in pretty subtle yet sweet to me. From November to March, for sure you'd ask me that I surely built up my excitement. I, for sure, did.

The inspiration and that certain 'lift' Coldplay and their songs has done for me was just beyond measurable.

It was my late big brother who introduced me to Coldplay, and since I discovered them, we were singing our lungs out to the song Yellow. Yellow at that time was already a popular song even before I realized it. He always plays it on our shared laptop whenever he plays The Sims since he would turn off the music while he was building a house. (You'll know what I'm talking about when you have played the game) I always feel happy whenever I hear it, hence one of my favorite songs of them. Since then, whenever they release new songs, I always make it to a point that I'd look into the web and search for their lyrics. The way they compose the lyrics in their songs pierced through whether you were at the highest or lowest peak of your life. I wasn't that much of a hardcore fan compared to some, but I appreciate the songs and the rhythm they matched along with it.

A Head Full Of Dreams Tour.

Even if this is their current and seventh studio album, the whole concert were done, hit song after another hit song, with of course, not losing all the new ones that were inside the latest album they had. Yellow, as I've said is one of my favorite song, was included and played in the setlist. What surprised me was they have also played songs that I didn't expect, but as given as it is, those were the hit songs, after all.

The 31st March setlist (items in bold are from the AHFOD album)

1) A Head Full Of Dreams
2) Yellow
3) Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
4) The Scientist
5) Birds
6) Paradise (with the Tiesto remix in the outro)
7) Always in my Mind
8) Magic
9) Everglow (piano version)
10) Clocks
11) Midnight short ver. (for short break)
12) Charlie Brown
13) Hymn for the Weekend
14) Fix You
15) Heroes (a David Bowie cover)
16) Viva la Vida
17) Adventure of a Lifetime
**Kaleidoscope (for break)
18) Don't Panic
19) 'Til Kingdom Come (crowd request song)
20) Amazing Day
21) Something Just Like This
22) A Sky Full of Stars
23) Up & Up (encore)
**O (Reprise) (on the credit rolls)

And I am blogging this event (even if late) so to remember how really memorable it was.

The queue was... ugh. Don't ask me after this! -_- haha but so sooo worth it.

from my then IG story :)
look at Albert's almost crying face when he saw the long queue lol

panoramic shot of the National Stadium, waiting for the band

A quick OOTN. haha

UNIQLO black tank top and striped blouse
Bershka mini skirt
Adidas stan smith sneakers
Louis Vuitton sling purse (from mom)

At second setlist, I think I already cried. (Yellow)

The Scientist. Oh my gosh. It was so surreal.

 They sang Magic in the B-stage :)

my forever concert date! (with Chris Martin singing Everglow in piano)

Hymn for the Weekend

Charlie Brown

lotsa balloons and colors at Adventure of a Lifetime

what surprised me was they have included the song they collaborated with the Chainsmokers for this year's tour. It was so unexpected! (Something Just Like This)

the end :(

after credits - after show photos

I'd be updating this blog with the video of what has been on that concert. I am not done yet but I am excited to post this anyways. Still, I feel like I need to share it. Chris Martin approved it, so... yeah! :)

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