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Monday, June 20, 2005

i am feeling: the usual feeling...
currently listening to: Mou Sukoshi... Mou Sukoshi... ~Atsumi Saori

i just feel like hearing again my animè playlist. the one in Midori No Hibi was first in all of it, so...


as what my classmate rommel (mong) had just posted into my tag, i planned to set my text in normal size. i'll see if it looks like better than before, then maybe i would stick to this. haha, i told myself na i won't be telling my thoughts in english, pero nawiwili ako... nakakahawa ka wakokoko!

i wasn't able to post what all had happened yesterday and last night, though online ako... mas focused ako sa pag-pass ng pic for arch. fontecha... man... that prof seems to be happy... and gay i suppose... and hell--my mail bounced back, telling me that his mail reached his full storage! darn, i remember he said that the last 10 students who'll make to pass it would mean to recite next meeting. asar. i'm worried baka mapasama ako sa late students na yun! i just got successfully mailed my pic to him just a while ago. geez..

hmm... yesterday morning was a little confusing though. well, mong had said it very well in his blog already, but then i share my own view about the incident. our first subject kasi was VT3 (Visual Technique 3)... i admit, i have that nagging feeling that we'll meet his face again... but not in the field we've known him to be merciless. yup, sir arlegui is our VT3 prof for this sem. but, as mong had said, he "was" supposedly our prof.

i had to admit, i mumbled bad words on arlegui as he was entering our room with his unbeatable smirk plastered on his lips. napa-shit ako, napa-taena... as if i would curse his mcdo coffee he was holding would go all wrong. hey mind you, i saw my classmates too widened their eyes. maybe they're convincing themselves na that can't be, or impossible or napa-shit din marahil tulad ko. then after that wicked smile, sir arlegui started blabbing things--kesho we'll be working with him again; kesho we had nothing to do without it; kesho he seems not to bother receiving bad evaluations about him last sch. yr, etc... etc...--and so on. i was seated in front of him, near the aisle, so, he really ses me in the eye. after that, i began to feel stagnant, and just let myself hear what he wants to say to the class. then i felt im kind of interested, and in a while realizing that maybe he was really specialized teaching this course instead of design... mas bagay sya siguro sa field na yun. at eto pa... though he was only meant to suggest things we must use, they're still expensive (i.e. watercolors, paintbrush, a cold pressed watercolor paper, etc..)... pero ganun pa man, i just said to myself that i musn't got so surprised anymore. when you say you're taking an architecture course--you mean to spend money. lots of it. and then kring at the same time backed up my reverie... "pero kung ganun ding magtatagal ang painting for centuries gamit yan, worth it naman.", she whispered. pero what makes me a bit irritated is that when he said na pati ang tubig, ok raw ang distilled! haha, it's just that my curiosity came out last.

he was still discussing, and asked jc and some other guy (i think ikaw yon, mong eh!) to get the laptop and the projector for him. he goes on as the equipment was finally assembled, and then telling us again what he got in his feedback from his students (including us)... after the class roll call, he started to teach again and show us some works made out of water color until a lady from outside caught his attention. he said he'll be back by a few minutes. ayun... the class we're like powered on again, chitchatting, commenting and groaning! (maybe kasi sa kanya), pero ako i groan for food. then sakto, geran asked me if i wanted to buy coffee... that's it. kahit kape nalang... then, zarah and beng accompanied us. sa 6th floor i saw mong and leo buying one too. it was like a coincidence from what he had told in his blog... see? ^__^

i remember, zarah told me na when we're heading downstairs (our room kasi was in rm506), sir arlegui passed by, parang nagmamadali. zarah even said "hi", but then he didn't greet back. i even scolded zarah kasi we went out, w/o him knowing, and pinatawag lang naman sya sandali. when we got back to our room, i feel different. the laptop and lcd were putting back into their cases--looks like the class had suddenly dismissed. we asked them and found out na sir was disregarding all the things he had said and all, for he was be altering with another professor to teach us. isang palaisipan ng tulad kong walang alam! napa-HA? kami, and ayun, they told us na he might get fired from the school due to our evaluations we did. i felt sad for him, na-guilty at nanghinayang. coz from what i saw in him was a change. he wanted to change... but i guess it's too late for him. no one could tell why, but sure, the admin's serious about this.

he was given forced resignation...

and the rest was history...

i felt sad for him. but hindi ko rin naman idedeny na nakahinga ako ng maluwag, just a thought that we are having a replacement of him. i felt guilty of uttering bad words like curses on him the very first thing in the morning pero kapag sa huli, maiisip mo, it's not only me who thought bad of him during those days... tht's why he's telling us that 75% negative comments he got. *buntong hininga*... im sure of this.

after all what had happened, we continued dealing at the remaining subjects: Literature and Building Utilities. we got the same prof in lit just like in freshman days, 1st sem. she gave seatworks to do... in BU, there we have arch. fontecha... na-dismissed kami ng 4, kya i called up rayjohn para sabihin kung saan kami magkikita. we decided kasi to go together at sunshine's birthday...

hmmmff... pinaghintay nya ko ng almost 1 hour sa gateway! 6pm something na yun when he finally showed up. dahil sa atraso, he offered me an iced tea sa wendy's... mejo suhol yon a! hahaha... after all i gave in. im thirsty.

to cut it short, i, rj and reinier went to shine's place in commonwealth, qc. ... naks, dalaga na si shine, we asked her why she didn't make the party in a hotel or someplace, debut naman nya. she said she wanted a simple dinner, with family, relatives and friends... nangyari naman. mario was there too, pero wala sina gayle, joy and the llena twins. they offered me a drink i can't say no, pero in the end, they let me---or shall say, i let them. i drink super occasionally lang naman e. it's not bad though... or else, magmumuka kang patay-ligaya. i arrived home almost 11, mejo kakaba-kaba sa jeep kasi when you've some to think of it, travelling back to cubao from there wasn't a joke. thank God mom hasn't scold me that much. i even got online pa nga... that's it.

shine, belated ulit.


i got NSTP class a while ago. the admin wanted us to come in complete college uniform, so i've got nothing to do with it. an orientation was held, explaining that our lecture and class discussions will be held online... we'll get our homeworks from the internet, the modules and post tests... 4pm na kami natapos.

after that, i texted albert and continued what we had dealt last night. meet ulit kami at sm north and watched batman begins! hahaha! ganda ng sinehan! so that means bigger money too... libre ko sine, sagot ni bert food. ganun parin yung popcorn. pero bawi rin! because of the iced tea tumbler i guess... hahaha! so parang balewala rin yung libre ko! waaaaaaaa! my feedbacks from my friends about how the movie was weren't that true... it's not that super ugly, ok naman! siguro parang OA lang sa part na pwede na si batman sa japanese movies... right. japanese horror! pero japanese talaga. (just watch it to know why) around 8 natapos yung palabas. then after that bumili si bert ng parts for his prototype. hehe. hey, thanks bert sa souvenir ha... wakokoko... saya mo talaga kasama! /no1

about the ragna fest, we'll see into that.

hahahaha! i saw the harry potter trailer! at last! basta yun yon! hahaha! that's all of it. yes wala kami class bukas! rest time!

sibat na ko....

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