Last Week's Quick #ootd [Smart Casual to Business]

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Before anything gets worse, I am now going to apologize for the succeeding images on this blog post, as it explicates narcissism and shameless spank of the blog user. Nevertheless, she is, for some reason, quite proud of her snail paced maturity regarding her fashion sense. Thank you.


Okay, so, last week I had this special occasion she attended that involved her and her friends aka Singapore family members into a not-so-ordinary lunch buffet. Why did I say so? Uh, because it called for a dress code? Anyways...

I posted this on my Instagram account that same day with the hashtag '#ootd'...

I'm not obliged though but probably I'd share piece by piece of what I presented myself along. Who knows, this may be an inspiration to some...? YEAH. Sure.

Top: mint green sheer front button Blouse with flowing sleeve and white crocheted (floral patterned) collar from Kamiseta (a Philippine female apparel brand)

Bottom: Black Peplum waist pencil cut mini skirt from Cotton On

Shoes: Taupe snake-skinned ankle-strap open-toe wooden wedge from Charles and Keith

For the accessories:

(left: heart-shaped white gold necklace, Albert's gift from my 23rd birthday)
(middle: mesh earrings, from Bugis Street fashion ^_^)
(right: DKNY watch)

Original signature print mini handbag from Coach

I'm well satisfied with my look that day. I looked presentable, not too flashy, but trust me: the outfit didn't stop me from devouring the tasty, mouth-watering buffet. If you saw the cheeses being laid there--- oh dear. You'd forget for once that you poised much to consider about it. Just kidding. :)

I'll post this event soon on my Food sub-blog. :)

Aaaand, the not-so-best part of this article. #selfie time!

Nothing extra special.

All I'm saying is that, I'm extremely loving that cheek and lip stain from Model Co. from the August Bellabox

Sorry, I did not manage to make a blog for it, but probably I'll do a separate entry solely for this product. I've used many lip stains in the past but this is, by far, the most effective for my usage-- not to mention, it's... 'yummy'? lol. But it really is. 

The idiot in me forgot that I have a spare pair of contact lenses, so the whole eating event thing is... yeah. Blurry. I don't want to wear my geek glasses because... Do I really have to tell how obvious it is

Maybe I'll do this #ootd update more often? Weekly I guess? What do you think?

Toooo much vanity going ooooonnnn.... lalalala.

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