Last Saturday's #ootd, and a snippet on the not-so-new-game

Monday, September 16, 2013

Brace yourselves. Here's yet another #ootd entry.

Last Saturday, Albert thought of going to the mall after our weekly anticipated Church Obligation. He wanted to check ready-to-wear suits that he will be going to use on his brother's wedding next month. I said, "sure-- why not, cool!"

With that, I decided to go a 'younger', kind of 'I'll-go-out-for-a-bit''let's-go-window-shopping-but-we'll-buy-for-sure' look.

Gosh, that sounded sick.


Top: left: purple racerback stretch top (locally printed in the Philippines)
right: white cotton and side ribbon long shirt from Guess

Bottom: good, old fitted (but not skinny) jeans that I folded the hemline by 2 inches, 3 times.
(locally printed in the Philippines)

Shoes: pink and white striped slip-ons from Happy Feet (PH)

left: brass materialized SLR camera designed long necklace, Bugis street fashion
middle: cute, peachy elephant earrings, Bugis street fashion
right: leather watch from Guess

My transition eyeglasses (frames: Wayfarer by Rayban)

This cute elephant sling bag (that can only carry my wallet, phone, pressed powder, lip balm and hanky) came from my trip to Krabi, Thailand

hair and face ensemble by yours truly. :)

So that's basically it. We went to eat hearty dinner at Bibigo, then off to the Games Store to supposedly buy the game One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 but ended up checking this section:

Oh Dear. Who doesn't love cheaper, pre-lovies???

I know this ain't right to post and should be on the other kind of sub-blog but hell, yeah. After years of not having the sequel to the games I played way back home, I'd definitely go to this section where they sell it lesser. Come on. 

I know GTA 5 will be released tomorrow, but for now... We go hustlin' at Liberty City first. New post on the Games, soon...

Meanwhile, I shall beat some thugs and ran from the police cars to wear off my 'wanted' level.

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