Real Clothes for Real Curves

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I'll just make this simple and "hopefully" short, this is a bit of what we usually call a shameless plug. :)

A few months back, a group of friends and I made effort to help one personal friend and owner of the online fashion store called Pixie Dust Glam. Fab and chic name, isn't it? 

You didn't see this coming, do you?

Reason why I am blogging this is because I want to share with you a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes from the said fun photoshoot and the people who were happily involved in the project.

Sooo, without further ado, --please don't laugh, lol-- here it is.

(photo credits: Albert; post-processing: Biggs)

Firstly, our make-up artists:

The very talented Becca! Check her beauty blog entitled The Confessions of A Late Bloomer and subscribe to her make up tutorials on her official Youtube page.

She can be a model for shampoo, trust me. ^_^

The lady of many talents, Jen :)

FACT: It was a last-minute decision to include her as the fourth model aaand she's werking it babyy! She is indeed the lady of so many extracurricular work! 

*drum roll*
the amateur models. (I think I'm the only one who is. o_O)

Yours truly ^_^



And of course, here's Diana, the owner of PDG! She looked very busy so I don't think Albert managed bother her for a pose. BUT! Trust me when I say she's the #1 on projection! Hashtag #selfie for that :))

The gang won't be complete if not for these two gorgeous men.

Mike and Albert



 Well, it was a day of affair for my modeling career (you gotta be kidding me!) and my commitment to support the business.

 Did I say the prices of the apparel are very affordable?

not for sale; that's my own clothes, and backpack. :)

PDG's first 3-day Fashion Bazaar was also launched last 28th July at Bedok Point. Thank you for those who came and liked it!

The main website is being updated so Diana can update the items that were already sold and by that, it is currently inaccessible. Meanwhile, Pixie Dust Glam's official facebook page is up so please check it out by all means!

It's the Real Clothes for Real Curves, baby!

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