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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last 7th of March, I have attended the Blogger's event hosted by Bellabox Singapore. The call time for the program was supposedly 7 in the evening, but was pushed for another half an hour to make way for incoming guests who were most likely stuck in the traffic jam. I wouldn't be in this event if not for my dear friend, Becca-- yet again. Girl, if happen to read this, let me, once again, extend my sincerest gratitude to you for having me experience the first BB event of my life. Yeee... Sweet! ^_^


My date of the night, the ever gorgeous Beckaroo! :)

Anyway, for those who did not know yet, I am well aware of the existence of Bellabox. Last year, a friend gave me this 3-month subscription of Bellabox as a birthday present. After those months of the privilege "treat", I got more occupied with other things and errands to further prioritize. I somehow regret not to avail an official monthly subscription since I've been loving the set and the partner brands BB has been provided me.

As of today, I manage to get myself and my priorities pretty well, and also purchase the things I have come to enjoy and trust my money at. That night, I told myself, I'll go back to the subscription and will support the team by blogging about it... and voilà!

This is a sweet reunion for myself, Bellabox and my comeback for blogging, so, let's do this! :)

The gathering!

Parisian Pâtisserie was indeed the perfect venue for this event to happen. Located at Penhas Road within Lavender District, I absolutely love the interiors of Antoinette and how it was bonded with the concept of Bellabox: being simply looking and feeling beautiful. 

yours truly, just got out from work and looking... exHAUScited? Haha

Becca and me, getting all the "red carpet" (without the red carpet) effect mode ON. lol


While waiting for the event to start, each one of us has been able to pick and eat one out of four "Bellabox Macarons" --each got different color and flavor in it. The color actually played a major part on the next activities that had happened. which I'm going to tell later on. The program started with an nice and inspiring opening speech by Ms. Molina from the Bellabox team and gave us bloggers an insight of the milestones BB has achieved since it started. 

the lovely Ms. Molina from BB team

Moving on, the brands that were in-house at the time are the following:

Okay, going back to the macarons, the one that I picked was a yellowish in color. Ms. Molina then gave us our designation on which product booth we can go first through the colors of the macaron we selected, The yellow macaron is actually designated at the Nuxe's corner. At first, I've been eyeing on the Lanvin perfumes as well as the MeMeMe and Sleek MakeUp to go first but since there's the sequence according to the event proper, (and I'll be checking the other items one after another anyway), I happily went to the Nuxe booth and started the session with them.


I've been loving Nuxe! It was one of the products that I felt I got interested on when it was featured in the previous boxes bb has shipped. They have explained to me their new addition to the product which is the shimmer oil version of Huile Prodigieuse OR dry oil. 

Nuxe Booth

While on Nuxe's corner, I also got the chance to get my skin tested and evaluated by Laura from the Nuxe team. While I anticipated and dreaded for the results of my poor, unhealthy skin, Laura was kind enough to advice me the things I need to work on to improve the elasticity, oiliness level as well as the correct pigmentation and even distribution of the products I'm going to apply on my face. 

My skin analysis ... Ugh. Oily and dehydrated. :(

Huile Prodigieuse OR dry oil in normal and shimmer version
Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, and
 Nuxe Masque 24-hour Soothing and Re-hydrating Fresh Mask

With the products from Nuxe, I was given the encouragement to do my skin routine the right way. Thanks, Nuxe team!


After Nuxe, I was free to wander on the remaining three sponsor brands of the night. The second brand that I got to try was the Lanvin's newest product, which details of the said item will be revealed reaally, really soon. *evil laugh*

I was happy and fortunate enough to experience the "contents" that made it effective.

Good smellin' tea and macaron!

Somethin's cookin' with these goodies!


Please follow Lanvin and subscribe to their newsletter so you can be updated with their newest top-of-the line products!


The third booth that I went into was the Cellilux Corner, and the presenter was the lovely and gorgeous beauty blogger and youtube personality Roseanne Tang. I could be the fourth or fifth or more than the 10th person that she has demonstrated the product with, yet she's very nice and accommodating gal. And as for the product, it was thrilling and superb to use. I tried it at the back of my palm and let it dry up for at about 15-20 minutes and afterwards, wiped it out using wet wipes. 

In all fairness, the texture of my skin became smoother and cleaner in the sense that I felt it was hydrated properly. Totally amazed and happy on the results!

The Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel can be the best to use on a weekly basis to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. This is going to help me even out my skin better before I apply my other skin products. Really love, love, loving this.

You may follow Roseanne on her FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram (@roseannetangrs) to learn more tips with just everything :) 

Her product review on Cellilux is indeed very helpful. Check it out HERE.


There's Sigma brushes in the house as well!

MeMeMe Cosmetics is the recent newest addition to the bb brand partners. A European-based product, MeMeMe is said to be inspired from ancient Greeks' art and architecture, an iconic epithet to a Renaissance woman, and lastly a free-spirited Bohemian style. I somehow like that approach; it embodies the user to become unique in terms of how you want to look and feel inside and out, and by just being free to be whoever you want to be. So far, the products are rich in the sense that it is easy and classic to wear.

Sleek MakeUp on the other hand, caters any skin type as they say, which I get to feel I am rest assured at. The colors on their palette are vibrant, hippy, and I must say highly pigmented. Not to mention, AFFORDABLE but not sacrificing the quality.

A Makeover booth was put up at that time for those guests who wanted to try the products on the spot. Anyway, check the freebies I got from these gorgeous make-up brands.

Please do check Carmine Avenue's Facebook page to learn more on the newest products from these brands.


My night was totally blown away with the products, and not only that, before we left, we got a chance to grab the Bellabox for the month of March in advance. I won't do any unboxing videos or of any kind 'coz I'm just going to leave that to the vlog experts, but anyways, check out the contents of this month's box below. :)

Free vouchers as always!

It was such an honor to be a part of this event. I am looking forward to be able to attend again, if given the opportunity. 

Want to give presents to your girl friends, sisters, moms, aunties or even just creative people who is fond of doing product reviews and such, avail the gift subscription of Bellabox by clicking this link to direct you to their procedures!

Thank you for this wonderful night, Bellabox

Disclaimer: I do not own Bellabox and all the products mentioned. Purpose of this article is to give information of the event night only.

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