Nail Art Chronicles: Half n' Half

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something that I've done with my nails while doing my review last night. Call it multitasking with style. lol

Half n' Half is what I call it. It's half Metallic Gold from the brand Lakme (True Wear Nail Color) and a half African plum color from Caronia.

I used Sally Hansen's nail hardener as always since my nails are prone to chipping, breaking... whatever you call it. I use it as a base coat too. But for the nail protection I use Wet n' Wild's Wild Shine in Clear color. That's the one I put as a top coat, though.

Yes, I am trying to let my nails grow. To be more feminine-like than usual. 

Why the heck am I holding a calculator for? errrr....

Is this something that I can wear on the holidays?... Hmm.. Depends. I initially intend to use a purple-ish color rather than the plum because that's the two color combos I envisioned in my own wedding, but meh... Probably it's not going to happen.

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