Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's this time of the year again for the annual Light Art Festival called i light @ Marina Bay here in Singapore. The whole proximity of Marina Bay is temporarily developed with different programmes of light exhibitions, designs and enjoyable activities. Imagine Merlion being enveloped with cool projection mapping for the locals and tourists to enjoy. Food stalls in tents were built up, amusement grounds were set up for the kids and kids at heart. This event, just like the previous years were celebrated at the start of summer, which is March and lasts for a month. This year, the event was from 3 to 26 March (last day is today!) Make sure to visit!

I went there to reunite with a high school buddy last 11th March. As expected, it was a colourful night view with a rather fun-looking audience. But I wasn't there at the location to take part at the actual event. I was there to meet my friend in a long time so I didn't get the chance to really take my time and stop to appreciate the festival as seen on my instagram post few weeks ago

Without regret, I told myself to come back before this whole thing ends. Since I am still free and taking my time to come back to work again, I kind of wanted to experience on what they call a Silent Disco. And so I did. :) Last Friday was the final weekend of that activity. Joining me was my college friend turned travel buddy and flatmate, Mary and it's her second time to try this.

Located at the Marina Bay City Gallery, the concept of Silent Disco is for the participant to gather all in one place and enjoy music, played in a wireless LED headphone with 3 channels, corresponding to the 3 DJs playing each genre of Music. It looked so cool that when Mary told me this last year, I was looking forward for me to try it this year. It was very interesting on how successful this trend was!

Why is it included in the i light @ Marina Bay programme?

It is, because the LED headphones worn individually by guests were glowing so beautiful and music lovers get to enjoy both light and music!

The 3 DJs, as I mentioned earlier have their corresponding genres. As seen from the above photo, the DJs were also represented by color, as the color represents their channels played in our headphones. Green coloured DJ played most of the classic rock, indie pop songs, the Blue DJ (which generally became the MC of the show and the crowd favorite) played today's trending hits, late 90's hits, and even a couple of Bollywood songs! And finally, the Red DJ played mostly the remixes and/or mashups.

vanity corner! my OOTN:

Blouse and white pants from UNIQLO
Wine red velvet pumps I purchased from Pay less shoe store PH

I am not a makeup guru LOL but I can at least, list down the things I've used:

Benefit Porefessional matte rescue primer
Shu Uemura x RYE UV cushion foundation in 754 medium beige
Nudestix pencil concealer in Medium 5
Benefit goof proof brow pencil #3
Urban Decay Naked Smokey eyeshadow (and kind of used as face illuminator :D )
Clio Waterproof Mascara
Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel lip tint in Cherry Red (that I also used in my cheeks)
Silkygirl Mattefever Lipcolor Balm in 04 Siren
Note: my grey-coloured contact lenses have grades. Brand is from MAXI Eyes 

bracelet and collected charms from Pandora
watch from Philip Stein (aka my birthday/wedding gift I received)
earrings from Lovisa
Pearl necklace was a gift from my mother-in-law

okay, thanks and you're welcome for that segment. LOL!

Going back :) :) :)

T'was such a fun crowd!

This is what the wireless headphone looked like

With Mary :) (follow her on instagram!)

Guests have free drinks too! I just had this dark beer

<3 p="">
In the final hour of the event, the DJs threw some beach balls for the crowd to toss around. It was fun but at the same time, disturbing if you're holding a cup of beer, right? -_- Glad that my phone is splashproof! (but still ended up feeling sticky. -_-)

The i light @ Marina Bay event will be back next year, from 9 to 31 March 2018, so is the Silent Disco. I hope I'm still at the island by then (and available to run around) to repeat the experience. :) 

EDIT: A short vlog for you to know what it looked like. Yes, we looked like idiots. But amused idiots. LOL


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