Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Heyahoo! It's APRIL!

...and while I still have a couple of things to blog about that had happened last month, I'd like to rave about the news which was released I was so excited about, and that's the announcement of the new Cardcaptor Sakura anime this year!

Released on Kinomoto Sakura's fictional birthdate (April 1st), it was said that there was a reunion of the series' voice actresses to celebrate the event, and then the announcement. (see this web article c/o Crunchyroll). Since last year, the news of the new manga serialization by CLAMP has been green-lit, and fans like me is currently enjoying the continuation of Sakura and Syaoran's love story, so as the Cardcaptor's adventures.

What more if they'd tell me that an OVA will be released, September 13th this year?!

I'm going nuts.

I know for a fact that they are already planning to release another TV series for the Clear Card Arc for next year but an OVA months prior to it would be such a treat!!! I'm really going double nuts for this.

Did you see the preview clip?

Did you see how awesome the animation had become after almost 2 decades of the original TV series?

Let me show you!

I just found this animation comparison on facebook. And I just can't help but to squeal internally.

Remember what I said about the production of animes lately? Those color blends? Dreamy, soft and subtle, color blends? They've done it. This better be good! Actually, I already believe as early as now that this is going to be the best. You better trust me on this one! Gosh, I wanted to have a reboot of the whole thing! But for me, the voice actresses (note: POPULAR SEIYUUS) reuniting for this wonderful event is already a splendid memory for all fans... fans like me.

I've been a fan of CLAMP's works ever since I have known how amazing japanese people are in terms of the animes I used to appreciate. I guess, them reliving these important details about Card captor Sakura also tells us that it meant special for them too.

With that said, because of my frustration on how the manga and the anime series ended, my creative mind didn't cease on working for me to do an inspired fiction during my teenage years and decided to remaster some stories I already had recently :) Well, just to inject and lowkey promote that said fanfiction, please visit it here or in the tab in this blog page (AT THOUGHTBUBBLES). :)

I really wish Madhouse could reboot the whole series, just like Sailormoon and adapt the story in the manga, religiously! But that's wishful thinking, right? -_-

Anywayssss... Belated Happy Birthday, Cardcaptor Sakura! :D

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