Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I wasn't able to come to her invite on her girls' night out, so this lunch date with her was just right for us to spend time together. It was that day she had to settle all the things she wanted to do before leaving this country for good. She was one of my college batchmates, previously my fitness coach and eventually became one of my closest friends to date. Her leaving Singapore earlier than me was really sad and left me homesick for some reason.

Meet Krystle. The small, yet sassy, the savage warrior, yet sexy and baliw-baliwan friend you could ever have. Her life's experiences gave her this major decision to go back home for good and start anew. I was frustrated in a way that another friend finally has to go home and the separation anxiety has to creep in again, but on the other hand, I admire that she already prepared her heart to say that her business here is done and it's about time to move out.

So, this day was my last date I had with her.

We agreed to meet at the city to have lunch since we both have errands to check there. We decided to eat at the Vietnamese resto at Plaza Singapura, where we're supposed to meet. From home, I arrived earlier than the usual. While waiting for her, I thought of dropping by at Muji's flagship store just to window-shop. Am I the only one who feels relieved and relaxed while being inside the store? ^_^ The furniture, the kitchen / household goods, even the clothes they sell?

I think I am already in this stage of life where I mature on the things that could satisfy me or makes me feel better. Muji has this warm, cozy feeling, even at the tip of the pens they're selling. hahaha ^_^ Feeling domesticated, I'd say.

Going back to Muji, it was after a few rounds of strolling when I realized that they also have the cafe there. Then, Krystle came, and both of us drooled on the desserts flashing on their LED screen. We decided to eat there instead.

Muji Cafe

They brand it as Cafe & Meal MUJI, and the first store that I saw carrying the cafe was in Paragon Shopping Centre, along Orchard road. Since the one in Plaza Singapura was a flagship store, I thought to myself that this definitely would be the biggest cafe they had in the island.

I love how they made use of their own resources, their very own items from the household section and used it as part of their design. The ceiling would most probably made of their acrylic containers, and the walls were designed with their kitchen utensils like cooking strainers and stainless steel plates and bowls. 

Since this was both our first time, we were excited to know that they were promoting the store's products inside. I mean, of course, you gotta love your own, right? But as a fan of Muji's minimalistic and "no-brand" concept, I was happy to experience it. Going to the store was already therapeutic, so what more if I get to use their furniture, dine with their household goods and eat their produce (which is also an impressive one).

The queue was pretty reasonable. We didn't wait that long to be seated. Once we did, we already saw our reservation stand in our table. This enabled us to leave our designated space without worrying that our seat might get stolen. Finally! Some little yet very useful detail that played in this dining experience in a major way!

(U-D): cold and hot deli

desserts! This was the reason why we decided to eat here! LOL

Okay, they have their organized way on how to order the food, which by the way was fantastic, and a greater healthy option. They had set meals to better decide what you want, and can even customize what you specifically want if you only want it a la carte

What we did was, I ordered a 3-deli set, composing 2 cold delis and 1 hot deli with a side of rice or bread. Krystle ordered an a la carte of hot deli since she would be eating the one of the cold delis I ordered. Then, I upgraded my rice to be brown rice, and both of us ordered desserts. 

(L-R): Spicy Yuzu Pork a la carte; set meal composed of smoked salmon and fennel salad, triple nut roasted pumpkin and capsicum salad and beef patty with yuzu mushroom sauce.


What's good in it was: 1) it was a hearty meal; 2) it was flavorful; 3) it was cheap! I mean, as much as how I love Muji, there was no doubt that their household items are surely expensive (compared to IKEA) so as to par it on the quality product it gives. But the food! The food was amazing. Their delish cold delis (or salads) can be purchased with the right portion only at S$2.80 and their hot delis (meat) only at S$4.80! Their set meals are reasonable (compared again to IKEA) to be charged at S$12.90! Again, not only this was cheap, it was also healthy at the same time.

Move over, swedish meatballs! LOL

(L-R): Krystle's cappuccino; my brown japanese rice upgrade and organic apple juice

(L-R): Yuzu swiss roll; Hokkaido Citrus Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries

The desserts were amazing too, varying based on how elaborate and sweet they were. I was craving for a sour, sponge cake at that time and Krystle was in for her berry fix. That panna cotta by the way was yummy but was expensive too. But worth-it kinda expensive, she'd say. 

You pay what you deserve, someone said. Haha

For sure, the food we had was based on what's in season. If these were a normal staple, then I wouldn't mind it again.

Cafe & Meal Muji's Menu here.

After that Muji dining experience, she told me she wanted to buy some make up products that she'd be using at her fitness photoshoot in Thailand. After that, we went to buy the camera she wanted in a while. I basically became an errand / PA for the day, (LOL) which I didn't really mind at all.

Girl, thank you again for spending the day with me! Thank you for hearing my rants out and also for listening to my pieces of advice I was giving you. Good luck on your ventures back home and I shall see you soon! I am missing you right now but I know we'll see each other again! To more colorful hair and fit freak sessions! <3 p="">

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