Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hello again and I am a bit late to report for duty ^_^

I am actually 19 weeks as of this writing, and before I hit my second month of my second trimester, I'd like to document the things I had been doing in my 13 to 16 weeks. It was good to know that the baby has been doing well and is growing normally. The only small issue I was facing is the struggle to find dresses that could either be used now and even on a later part of my pregnancy, and would become my greatest weapon for keeping prim and sassy. haha

yours truly at 15 weeks and 4 days :)

Going to this second trimester of pregnancy was a lot easier and fun than the first three months, as I am now allowed to do exercises that includes swimming, yoga and pilates. So far, I am working out by doing swimming, and later on I'd probably get into doing basic pilates, or those movements suitable for me. Mary's pilates ball is certainly calling me to stretch and get my ass off bed!

It was also during this phase that I celebrated a lot of occasions, as seen in my previous blog, like my 30th birthday and 3rd year wedding anniversary. So far, body's so good. My body has started to get accustomed with the weight of the baby as it grows bigger and bigger every week. In this phase also that I tried to go back to usual routines like cooking, baking, gardening, even playing the piano and other activities that made me feel lazy in my first three months.

a sample of my Gordon Ramsay inspired baked chicken parm.

some goodies that I baked. Yes I'm back. (L-R: carrot cake; apple cinnamon muffins)

Also, I started to reintroduce again taking smaller portions of seafood in my eating habits, such as prawns and squid. I do not eat that often when I was in my first trimester, but lately, I am starting to put it on side dishes, or in the meat that I was putting in the food besides minced meat or shredded chicken.

On my 16th week, we came back to our doctor as our normal check-up. As I've said earlier, the baby's doing fine and all. But that's not all: As early as 16 weeks, we could finally know at least 70% to 80% of Pickle's gender! 

But I wouldn't be telling yet on this post, so better check out the next update. LOL

And for a teaser, here you go!

if you know how to read ultrasounds, you'd already know the gender by now. ^_^

At that check-up, the assistant also was kind enough to give us those prenatal milk samples! Since there were a lot at the clinic and I was lowkey hoarding the samples at the reception, she noticed me and told me if I wanted more. She gave me a month-supply of the milk samples! How crazy was that! But she told me that I'd better take it, rather than it expires with no one using it. I was so happy as it saves me from buying milk every week! LOL

I noticed that as I progressed, my linea nigra was starting to surface. I mean, it is normal for pregnant women to get this during this course of pregnancy. And while I was having it, certain things come into play when I think of what the gender would be. It would be just an inaccurate guess though but sometimes, curiosity will just come right in and interest your instincts, right?

So that's about it for now. The dad-to-be has been very clingy to me, trying to rub my belly as if it was a crystal ball foreseeing the future, or just plain fooling around with our bundle of joy. 

I would endure the back pains and all, if he would be like this always and forever. haha


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