Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I could not remember when was the last time me and this long lost sister-in-crime of mine went out for a date. Still, I was glad that despite her very private and busy housewife life, she gave the both of us the chance to go out again just like the old times. I kind of 'forced' the queen to go out from the beehive and see me and yass, girl definitely did not disappoint. :)

hello! ^_^

Becca and I met about three weeks ago at Orchard. I was planning to check something cool at Sephora since I would like to try new products that are pregnancy-safe. Speaking of products, I bought a few products from Burt's Bees two months ago and I'd like to share my feedback on those in the next few blogs I'd be doing.

So going back, Becca suggested to have late lunch at Orchard Gateway's Dazzling Cafe, since she told me that they had this nice honey toast topped with iced cream and lots of yumminess. So, okay, go!

I might as well try and probably share my thoughts on it since they do not only serve tea break snacks, they also cater a la carte main courses which were good as well.

The interior was modern but at the same time lavish that it uses a lot of bright lights and cute chandeliers, mirrors and glass. It kind of reminds me of  Antoinette cafe because of the ambiance it gives. (Fun fact: I was also with Becca when I visited Antoinette for the first time, many years back because of the Bellabox Blogger's Event. Good times!)

Their black and white chairs were cute that it has bunny ears made to fit :) Color concepts of cotton candy pink and stripe patterns complimented nicely to the whole interior.

Becca and I decided to order three items from their menu. It was quite expected in a way that the price of the food would be higher than what we thought it would be, given how fancy the dining was. But since we were hungry and we felt that we would be staying at the cafe for hours (to chat and catch up, lol), we thought of ordering for both purpose.

(L-R): Cheesy Pulled Pork Nachos; Oven Roasted Half Spring Chicken with cream of spinach

(L-R): A caramel macchiato (for Becca); Dazzling Classic Honey Toast; hot chocolate (for me) 

Food verdict:

At first, I did not know if it was a good decision to eat all at one place since I know it would be better if we were to look for somewhere else. We were initially here for the honey toast, but I did not prepare that much for the main course. It's not that the food weren't nice, we both agreed and thought that we could've taken our lunch somewhere else cheaper and probably even better (read: rice. LOL) and proceed to take the toast here after.

But of course, place-wise, it was cozy that enabled us to talk and hangout for hours. That's more important. Catching up is more important! The last time I saw her was last April when I made my first house visit to their place after their supposedly housewarming. I wasn't able to go that time because I felt I was going to feel ill. (It was at that day I felt I was fertile, hence the rise of basal body temperature) ^_^

After this sesh, we went to another mall for me to check if I could check some products at Sephora which ended up not buying anything at all. LOL. I just then thought of buying a low-heeled wedge type shoes since I'd be attending a wedding that coming weekend.

Becca insisted on sending me home, which I gladly said yes. Albert just finished work just in time and met the both of us at the MRT station and all of us went home. She stayed for a while and we had another short chitchat before she took the last shuttle bus our condo was having to go back to the MRT station near us. And called it a day.

I thank you again, sis for spending a day with me! Hope to see you again before I go back home and before you go to US for your hubby's business trip. It was fun hanging out with you, as always. Truly my sissum by heart! God Bless you and your future plans in life. And I do hope when I come back, you would also have your little bundle of joy. XOXO

I shall wait for your version of this day out via beccavlogs! (which will probably be up by December? or January? lololol)

Should I try vlogging too? ^__^

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