Monday, September 25, 2017

Annnd I am back with another pregnancy update!

What I am most excited in this stage was Albert and I determined-- at 100% -- the gender of our little pickle! But first, I'd like to share what I had been doing on this particular month.

As I am always delayed with blog posts, I am already 23 weeks as of this writing. Anyway, Week 17 to Week 20 was a relaxed-- or rather a phase where I had been going out for walks and energetic, not to mention that I felt I did not tire myself that much compared to the previous months I had. It was fun, and I felt that I was back to my usual self, but of course with the addition that I am now always considering the things I would be doing and eating. 

Other updates:

My linea nigra was starting to look more visible compared to last month. As of this moment, a fade line is already starting to form at the upper half of my belly button.

Food and Exercise:

I was still be doing the usual routine, although my consumption of rice is starting to lessen (as I fear of getting overweight). However, there were times that I like to treat myself with the food that I was craving. As seen on my previous posts, I had my serving of lechon, and I had a sumptuous date with one of my closest friends. At home, I was cooking my husband's request from time to time. 

my attempt on Omurice ^_^

As for my stretchings, exercise and whatnot, I was still and currently am going for afternoon swims, like in this occasion, I went with Mary and Krystle for some water action.

Baby's movement:

My baby's starting to show signs that he/she could hear us. Eventually, I could feel him/her moving by giving me tapping rhythms, as if he/she was knocking on the door (in my belly). There were times that Albert would caress, kiss and put his ear on my belly, as if he was talking to the other side of the realm where Pickle is. Each day and week that passes, the baby's movement became more prominent and the sensation was more obvious than the previous months.

The search for more "comfy" dresses / pants / jumpsuits:

Whilst I don't indulge myself to buy maternity dresses, I find some materials in clothes that were stretchable, which is a plus point. I was into this perception that I could still wear these even after pregnancy. So, for me, the nicest pieces that gave me comfort the most were things from Uniqlo, or sometimes from Muji. (Yes, I am quite biased and a fan of Japanese products LOL).

I'd go more into detail of these things, along with cosmetics in future posts. ^_^

Other issues:

One of the issues that worried me during this time was the thought of feeling constipated. It could be that I was not drinking too much water than I used to, or my fiber intake was not enough for the day. To solve this, I told my doctor on my recent check-up that I might have those days that I would have a hard time to pass motion. So in this set of new milk sample supplies, (Yes, the assistant gave me more supplies LOL) I also bought a vowel softening medicine for me to take, only when necessary.

As the days went by, I also noticed that my appetite was starting to get bigger. Well, I do not see anything very alarming since I am feeding for two tummies now. It's just that I am being mindful with the portion of what I am taking. (read: fiber. fiber. fiber)

So, this is me in my Weeks 18, 19 and 20. I had another full scan of ultrasound on my Week 20, necessary for my doctor to check every essential and vital aspects of my baby. We also found out the result on that same day, as the doctor explained to us in detail that our baby's vital signs were normal and were not sensing abnormalities.

(L-R): Baby's front side of the face, showing eyes, nose and lips; Baby's side view showing the nasal bone

In this scan also, we found out the most exciting part: Pickle's gender.

And... ta-daaa! Pickle is a boy! ^_^ Truly an answered prayer!

Ever since, I always have this intuition that my baby's a boy. I never had any thoughts of naming it with a girl's name or thinking any other else that would be girly. I knew from my heart that it would be a baby boy, just as Albert had wished for it, so... It's really exciting!

So, that's it for now! I am so glad that I am already half this course, especially now that I am a week away to full 24 weeks (6 months). It's totally a mixed feeling of excitement, anxiousness and of course, happiness.

'Til the next update!

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