Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ha! I couldn't say that both of us did, but if I'm talking about myself alone, I'd say... I definitely crashed someone's wedding I do not know personally. lololol

Mary asked me if I could go with her to a wedding she was invited to. Since I wasn't doing anything on that particular day and I rarely go out, I joined in. Problem is, I do not personally know the newlyweds. hahaha! The bride was Mary's subcontractor's PM and had few relatives who flew to Singapore to attend her wedding, so she had to invite more people-- be it her Filipino friends, colleagues and among others. Maybe I am categorized as the "stranger", or the "crasher" or let's just say the one belonging to the "others". She was by the way married to a Malaysian Muslim guy. It was a lovely wedding.

Wedding celebrations always makes me feel happier, as I see these two people love so much one another that they don't mind seriously committing to that milestone and legalizing the sense of sticking together for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, since this is technically a Muslim wedding, we are to be mindful of our attire.

I chose an old mint green top from Kamiseta with flowy sleeves that I had in a couple of years, tucked in my black maxi skirt from Bershka with high slit in front. But yeah, since the slit isn't wedding-appropriate, I just positioned the slit on the side of my legs so that when I walk, it doesn't reveal too much skin. (witty!) lol I initially wanted to wear a dress but I wanted to feel comfy at my most comfortable self at that time so I just had my body covered all the way down. (with the slit controlled. haha). Low wedge pumps were from Charles & Keith, something that I purchased and selected by Becca from our date, a few days before this. (blog post of that would be here)

Mary had her beautiful floral-print dress from Zalora and heels from Forever 21. Always looking sassy and fierce as she dubbed her look "your kontrabida for the day." hahaha

The Wedding

Soo... we came in at least an hour before the wedding reception ended. And we made it to the photobooth! :D

The newlyweds, Naz and Gen

Coincidentally, the bride is also friends with Kristine, my ex-colleague and good friend, as well as the rest of the gang. Small world!

I did not cover much of the wedding since we were only there for a short time.

At that same time, Mary told me that her ex-flatmate texted her, saying if she wanted tickets for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Mary was having second thoughts because this wasn't in our plan but since we were already glammed and dressed up, I told her for us to go since that day was the last day of the exhibit. So we went to her friend's place and took the free pass.

...then I realized... next time if we plan to visit a museum after a wedding, make sure we would be bringing flats. ^_^

The museum visit on this attire was quite a regret and tiring. Don't get me wrong though, the art pieces were cool and fun. We just felt that we were overdressed ^_^

Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

The free pass turned out to be somewhat a special, VIP pass. We arrived at the National Gallery Singapore and proceeded.

I've been hearing Yayoi Kusama back in the day as she was famous for her polka dot patterns, but honestly speaking, I never get to really know the artist on a level that I know every bit of her life work. Still, it tickled my interest to know why she is known for these dots.

Yayoi became prominent with her motifs composing dots, her interest in pumpkins, even in the play of mirrors. It was said that her artworks are psychologic reflections of the effects from the atomic bomb of World War II.

This section showed more of her artwork consisting her favorite patterns called "infinity nets" that she was famous even as early as 1970's.

The Spirits of Pumpkins Descended into the Heavens

Statue of Venus Obliterated by Infinity Nets No. 2

The second part of the exhibit's concept are made of mirrors. We were fortunate to know that we could enter the next room with our VIP pass.

Invisible Life. This explains that Yayoi still stuck with her concept of dots as round mirrors reflected as if there are dots all around.

In this room also carried the part where you could enter in another smaller room and be mesmerized with the play of mirrors, lights and felt like you're in a different dimension.

Infinity Mirrored Room: Gleaming Lights of the Souls

There were rooms that we managed to see like the Restricted Room. I also had taken pictures of some artworks that were not included on this post since I am having a feeling that it would drag too long to cover them all, so we proceeded with another room. 

All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever

My Eternal Soul

The last room is called Narcissus Garden, where it composed of hundreds of steel spheres on the floor. Again, her concept of dots, infinite objects are reflected here.

It was a tough decision to take a trip into these rooms with elevated shoes and pumps. Even though my shoes are not too high, I know that I shouldn't be stressing myself to walk longer with these as I have a little human in my tummy that adds a bit of weight in me, overall. But of course, the whole experience was fun in many ways.

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