Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I have to document this to remember the most important event thus far by one of my best buds ever. 

We insisted to help Emman to prepare for his engagement proposal to his girlfriend, Jannelli. Prior to that day, we bought the engagement ring last July and during that proposal week, we prepared what to bring, from the battery operated candles, rose petals, photo printer and among others. Jayne and the gang helped him order balloons and other decorative papers to setup the moment. Emman had his music on, gopro on and booked a two-night stay at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa. 

the support crew!

Other BTS moments:

We decorated the room filled with LED lights, petals, balloons to set the mood right :)

That day also marked their first year Anniversary as a couple and Emman was nervous at the thought that asking Jannel's hand might be too early that she would end up saying "no". Well, there is a possibility, but of course we need to equip him with the right support that everything's going to be alright. Despite that, the nervousness creeped in, and even us at the back of our heads were starting to feel that anxious opposite reply. STILL! We believe in the power of love! HAHAHA

Emman wanted that moment to be as private  as possible, and we decided to for him to handle it. He fetched Jannel at work, and we went straight home to anticipate the result.

And... of course, she said YES!

photo c/o Emman

The next day, that's when we decided to celebrate all together!

Love is in the air, indeed! Few more steps and we'll welcome you both to the married life! 

Congratulations again, Emman and Jannelli! <3 p="">

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