Sunday, July 23, 2017

Continuation! XD

Since I was having similar of that of menstrual cramps, I consulted one of my college friend's OB/GYN here in Singapore to know what was causing me to feel the discomfort.

So I called the hotline, greeted by the doctor himself, told him all my queries and had me scheduled to see him the next day. He sounded very warm and accommodating, and believe me when I tell you that I instantly felt that sense of security that I could most likely rely to his professional services from there onwards. (a mother's intuition, perhaps?) 

And then, as scheduled, the next day I went in and happily welcomed by Dr. Jon Wee from Mt. Elizabeth Specialist Centre in Novena and my consultation proceeded as normal. As much as I wanted to see the baby I was carrying, he did told me that I won't be seeing any thing yet as it was too early for me to see. Not even a heartbeat, nor a small form of life. He told me that the cramps that I was feeling was due to the enlargement of my ovary, from the effects of the fertility pill that I used, which was a normal occurrence. He told me not to worry much and instead and prescribed me to take some medicine to keep the baby in good grip. To make my trip even more productive, I have also consulted to him the pimple outbreak that happened in my vagina due to the irritation caused by brazilian waxing (see my previous blog post), also to undergo some blood tests to check my hormone levels.

Dr. Jon then asked me to come back two days later to do another blood test. The tests were done to make sure that my hormones are increasing to secure the hold of the baby as well. Thankfully, my hormone levels were skyrocketing to a point that it was remarkable to feel at peace and worry free. But of course, I was still on my first trimester of pregnancy, so I am technically not out of the woods yet.

By my second visit on that week, we also did try to check if I could see any glimpse of my baby and at this point, I would only see the enlargement of my ovary and a possible water bag forming. I didn't had any ultrasound picture with me since it wasn't that entirely relevant to print and keep.

My second blood test results were amazing to note. My progesterone hormones rose up to a thousand. Dr. Jon then had set me to meet him again two weeks later as by then, we could definitely see a progress in terms of finally seeing the baby. I wasn't given any vitamins to take yet as it was still too early to do so. He just advised me to take my folic acid supplement as usual.


Albert made sure that this time, he would go with me for my appointment. It was that feeling when I feel like crying when I saw the little life form in me for the first time. Dr. Jon let us hear the heartbeat for the first time too and it was so gratifying. It was truly such a blessed moment!

Basing from the baby's size, at that time it was 6 weeks and 4 days old. Estimated due date was 23 January 2018. :) Same birth month as his dad! :D

All of me and my baby's vital signs were normal and Dr. Jon advised me to eat and live healthier. He told me to refrain from doing very strenuous activities and to rest, given that this stage is a critical stage that I must bring my attention to. For the food, doctor told me to drink lots of milk, load up myself with natural ways of Vitamin C's and fiber enriched foods in fruits and vegetables.

But there are a few exemptions to the cluster that I need to take. He also told me not to eat / drink some food while on pregnancy which I could share in my other blog post.

Fast forward to another 2 weeks:


Everything that I was feeling gave me another wave of inexplicable happiness. For the first time, we could see the baby that looked like a literally tiny, cute baby taking shape. You could almost see the head and little body. His legs and feet are starting to form by week 8, as well as some parts of his face. Heartbeat rate was perfect for his/her size. It's always a happy thing to know that my little pickle was growing properly!

By week 8, I was already given supplements to take, which I could post in a separate blog. 

Of course, along with that weeks, I was experiencing like any other expecting mother could feel. Heavy feeling, nausea, sleepy and sometimes dizzy. But that's all part of what's even more amazing to happen, right? 


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