Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to really start warming up discussing the beginning? :)

But sometimes, you got to do what you got to do, right?


First, I'll share a side story:

I had a different case of reproductive development. Since I was younger, I was already experiencing irregular menstruation. Both has its good and bad sides, but let's say as I grew older, it leaned towards a not so good impression. Few years ago, I was also diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and I probably got it with the lifestyle I was having. Work life was stressful and it did took a harder time for me when I decided to build my own family. It wasn't as if PCOS is a rare case, but conceiving became a challenge, and I did once thought the possibility of infertility. I was depressed but I just kept on waiting... patiently.

So then... If I have told this blog already that I took a break from work, it is because my recent project has completed and my work contract has ended. at that time, my husband and I decided that I could take a break for a while and to take my time searching for another work since I have more time as I am holding a sponsorship, or what they call a long term Dependent Pass. While I was at it, it was then we decided for us to also try conceiving again*

*(Back when I wasn't active blogging, we did tried a conceiving method as advised by my OB-Gyn, and that was to take fertility pills and conduct series of blood tests to check if my hormones are progressing. Sadly, the results weren't that favorable and at that time, more priorities came in to win over our idea of expanding our little family. We put our plan on halt and more unexpected things came our way, which is why, pausing the idea somewhat became a blessing in disguise.)*

I'll talk more about this one in a separate blog.

So then, back to the side story... We decided to see our doctor by the end of March. As usual, we did again some series of blood tests, along with seriously and religiously taking all my medications on time. I also tried to cut down coffee, sugar and liquor and load up with drinking more water instead. I dedicated to at least put something healthy in my diet when I could. I started snacking on mixed nuts instead of junk food. I did work out by running, swimming and also biking on weekends. The only thing that I probably did not "correct" was sleeping early. ^_^

I think all of it paid off well, and add the fact that I was relieved from anything stressful which was work related.

Did I mention that both of us were doing all these change in lifestyle?

Yes, conceiving consists of two bodies, so might as well prep the other body to be healthy too, right? :)

and, prayer of course.

I want to believe that the grotto of Mother Mary in this Church of Nativity is miraculous. 
She is amazing in transmitting our prayers to God. 

Fast forward to mid of April when the fertility pill I was taking came to somewhat 'activate'. Counting on the calendar, I already knew when would I be fertile. Changes inside my body was so prominent that I felt I was going to get sick. I feel feverish due to the increase of my basal body temperature. 

Horny? Sure, of course. It was all part of it. Haha, don't laugh, it's so natural! 

Eleven days from the start of my pill intake until around Day 18, we were in babymaking mode. It wasn't done everyday but at least we did it every other day. I wasn't using any ovulation meter kit because it was way too expensive so my only guide was a normal calendar. 

After a week of intercouse, I did again another blood test to check if my hormones were rising. Also, at this time, I felt my body was reacting to a series of side back pain and lower abdomen cramps. The weird thing was, it wasn't just like a normal cramp that you feel when you're about to get your period. It was different. It was a different kind of pain. 

Then, good news came. My doctor called to inform me that my blood test results had a huge improvement. My hormone levels were way higher than last year's. She was hoping that we did had a contact during those times of being fertile so for us to get even greater results and higher chances. I also told her about the pain I was experiencing. She told me that I might be ovulating. To me, that's good news. Being in that group where I rarely experience ovulation, this is new. The doctor then told me to do a pregnancy test three days after the day I was supposed to get my monthly period. She also told me that if ever I see a faint positive line, I just keep on trying day by day.

However, in Early May, I encountered some challenges while I was waiting that made me worry in my life.

Tip: At this stage of waiting, never book yourself to any body/brazilian waxing session. It took a toll in my skin, specifically in my private part.

The hormonal imbalance was as real AF and it create a lot of breakouts. I was scared to put any medicated cream to kill the bacteria that formed since I was expecting, and I settled on something that can at least relieve the itchiness. 

Sooo... the supposedly 'red alert' didn't came on the date it was told to come... I waited for a few days to do a pregnancy test. 

And then, I did.

First attempt:

it had a super faint line! I was dead nervous!

I told a few close friends at first and tried to calm down and rest myself for a bit. That feeling of anticipation and anxiousness were there and that day seemed longer than any other normal day because I couldn't wait for the next day to do a test again.

The next day...

the positive line became clearer and sharper in color compared the previous day.

At that time I am already quite convinced that we were pregnant. I just need to do one more test again the following day to really see a full stroke of clear positive line screaming on that little screen.

Day 3, morning:

the line was clear AF!

...and was even clearer when I tested again at night!

Fun fact: I officially learned we were pregnant exactly on Mother's Day :)

During this time, I was also encountering sudden lower abdominal cramps. It was a recurring discomfort so I've decided to research on another specialist who could monitor the progress of the baby. The previous physician would close my case and she doesn't handle follow up cases of pregnancy unlike before that is why I have consulted some of my friends to recommend their doctor.

So that's it! I'd be continuing the story on my next post because this is going lengthy!


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