Friday, August 18, 2017

Having a friend and a flatmate who loves going to events, whether free invites or not is an advantage, depending on what kind of crowd and activity would it be. Mary was more into street parties and such, but whenever she wants to go to food events, we tag along. I am grateful for her that she never fail to invite us to go with her since she knew we would love anything that is food, food and food related, and it also gives me a couple of reasons to go out and dress up. LOL

To cut the story short, we went to this year's Epicurean Market 2017 hosted by Marina Bay Sands. It marked the event's fifth annual food and wine fair. When food is involved, there's no way you'd say NO. :)

The event happened for three days, from 11 to 13 August. The event was a celebration of enjoying diverse food, wine and produce, meant to acquire at a reasonable price. It was also been participated by world-renowned celebrity chefs alongside stalls and expertise to all the attendees who came. So if ever your mouth watered seeing their restaurant menus at MBS, the event was the chance to taste a portion of what they were offering.

Mary purchased to attend all three days of this event even though we just came in on the first night. It gave her chances to reuse my ticket and Albert's to invite other friends on a different day, which I think is practical in a way. This night was attended by myself, Albert, Mary and another friend, Jennifer. I was glad to use the S$15 voucher for me to use to try other dishes of some celebrity chefs, which I would tell in a while.

This event also showcased a section where the Cheese Artisan displayed a variety of cheese which the rest of my crew enjoyed. I didn't do any taste test with any of these cheeses since I cannot eat (if not most) all of it. (read again: pregnancy) 


variety of german sausages (all sorts of wursts, crackling pig, etc)

The event also has its corner called Farmers' Market where you could buy various produce and meat products. 

This melon is certainly the most expensive melon I have ever seen!

Mary and Jen had their wine tasting in this section of the venue (which was the second thing they tried after cheese. LOL)

While they were at it, Albert and I finally used our S$15 voucher to eat. (I was already starving!) Albert got his free meal at Chef Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen. (fish and chips) and he just purchased a milkshake there too. I have tried the Fish and Chips of BSK before at the restaurant itself and I could still remember how freshly fried that is and the breading was nicely done. The portion was nice enough compared to the one I tried below:

I got my free meal by another Michelin-starred Chef David Myer's Adrift, which was a suckling pig with apple sauce dressing. It was my first time trying a dish from Adrift, and I could see from the other items listed in their menu that it was a fusion of Western and Eastern cuisines. That applesauce complimented a lot with that luscious, succulent piece of pork despite that it's only a small portion. It truly was delicious!

What I bought normally was from another celebrity chef, Takumi Yamamoto, with his variety of prawn and vegetable tempura. The batter was light and compliments well alongside their tempura sauce. The veggies were cooked perfectly. If I weren't pregnant, I'd probably eat the eggplant tempura as is. When I realized it was an eggplant, I gave the remaining portion to Albert. But mind you, how they cooked the eggplant was wonderful. The prawn were done golden crisp too, which normally should be.

Other world-class restos present aside from BSK and Adrift were Chef John Kunkel's The Bird, Chef Daniel Boulud's db Bistro and Oyster Bar, Chef Wolfgang Puck with his two restaurants: CUT and Spago, Chef Ralph Scamardella's Lavo, Chef Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza and Chef Tetsuya Wakuda's restaurant, Waku Ghin.

Back to the wine tasting, Albert tasted Jennifer's wine and surprisingly liked it. He decided to buy one (albeit, impulsively), but knowing my husband, he won't buy something that he didn't personally taken into consideration. I hope one day I could taste it (I hope I could, by then!)

The whole experience was cool and fancy, yes, but definitely worth repeating for next year (I wish!)


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