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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I haven't played the game 'The Last of Us' in the sense of an up-close playing experience but as I watched my friend here at home battled with the undead, it's the same imagination that brings me when I watched World War Z.

We all know that this apocalyptic inspired movie was starred and co-produced by Brad Pitt, and it is a story wherein someone started an outbreak of disease that turns a colony into a zombie fest. Distributed by Paramount Pictures and directed by Marc Forster, it is a chaos spread like complete madness. The itch of searching for a fresh, healthy being, just like in the popcap game Plants vs. Zombies, the urge of a forwarding zombie to eat the player's brain.

stands for 'zombie', but of course.

I find it thrilling. Yes it was. ..And also heart pounding in the sense that, I don't normally watch this kind of genres since my future better half isn't so fond of the likes of these but since he was curious of what was this about when he saw the teaser at the movie house, he gave it a try. I was used to these. I sort of loved such thrills like these but I guess there will come to any person at one point abandon the suspense because your heart and stamina to withstand the cliffhanging, nerve wracking surprises became weaker and weaker.

AND ONE NIGHT, Albert suggested to download and watch this.

It's been a while since he cuddled me in a thriller movie, his face hiding down my spine. He's absolutely hilarious. It's been a while since, Silent Hill back in 2006. And, Silent Hill wasn't even scary if you'll gonna ask me!

He just wants a cuddle buddy. Meh.

Anyways, what I ultimately realized in the plot is that, the power hungry's in our society can come up and use this idea, and that's something that I am so fearful about. I do believe that as we deal with technology and go deeper with it, we can discover things that we can use it within us or can be against us. In order for a tyrant to conquer a nation, he can inflict his enemies with such deadly diseases, that he can just implant on a normal situation. Something about the clouds we see each day can bring despair to us and we don't even know how will it happen.

I may sound ballistic when I say this but, what if, someone like a modern-day Adolf Hitler bring about a catastrophe to the world so that he can conquer it and the only vaccine to it would be in his possession alone? That's bull!

Still, I do believe that no matter how bad a person is, there's always the goodness in him. Not all can be as evil as what we think someone can be. Always the concept of the good winning over evil. Even though there are times that we were clouded with darkness, there's always this thin ray of light coming down that brings HOPE. I just wish that no one in their right mind to invent such a powerful idea that can make the whole world spinning insanely until to its complete stop.

Going back to the movie, it was convincing, (some say they it was a flop, so I dunno what's wrong about it). For me, it was an example of another level of trouble not because of the bombs, terrorists, aliens and other inhumane acts we normally watch that associate chaos. Refreshingly chaotic would probably be the word.

This month, it was announced that a sequel has been moved ahead. No further exact date of release has been given, but surely, Brad Pitt's highest grossing film in his career will be put to a test once it has come out.

This might happen in real life, I'm telling you.

Disclaimer. World War Z is directed by Marc Forster and released by Paramount Pictures. I do not own the said videos nor the information mentioned, nor reproduced for personal use but is only shared for the information of this blog entry.

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