2013 First's.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hi Everyone.

Before the year ends, and before I truly lose myself in the next days to come (read: intense reviewing), let me have this chance to recall and look back on everything that happened, experienced, felt, achieved for the very first time.

2012 was like the "straight A's" that has happened in my life so far. I think nothing can compare with the happiness and boasting achievements that I felt last year. 2013 is different. It showed me that we can not get everything we dream about, and some may happen not according to your plans. Still, I'm trying to keep myself sane at it, at the same time face it head on so that I can slam it back to what realm it came from the next time I encounter it again.

Nevertheless, there were good things that happened as well and most of the good "first's" happened this year too. I am happy with what I've achieved. On being the semi-materialistic side of me, that is.

I intend this blog post to be short as possible, (hopefully I can). We start on the first month of the year, shall we?

MY FIRST's (2013)

= my first battle with Bronchitis, first major illness of the year
= first trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia
= first trip in Bali, Indonesia

= first attempt to travel overseas all by myself
= first time in 3 years to celebrate my mom's birthday back home
= my first time in Ash Wednesday to drink with friends after. Imagine our cross in our foreheads while clanking our bottles, "kampai!" epic fail.
= bought my first gaming laptop
= first semi-reunion with UST college barkada after graduation

= first time to attend a limited edition of a cosmetic product launch
= to attend my first Bellabox blogger's event
= my first overseas Jollibee experience (uuuyy, some can relate. Don't deny. hehe)
= first reunion with Mapuan barkadas overseas
= first German-inspired Easter lunch, courtesy of Diana's bff. I cana never forget the taste!

= first SG family swimming getaway in downtown east
= first time to actually see Albert cry, in our 7 years being in a relationship. (not because of me though)

= my first photo op to cover for a Wedding ceremony, beside an airport runway
= first time to breakdown regarding work issues and financial crisis
= first time to see my dad after 3 years working in overseas
= first time to feel that I don't want to go home to Philippines yet.
= achieved my first red, ombre colored hair :)

= first time in Boracay, Aklan, and first time to stay in Shangri-la Resort
= first time to be a part of a successful engagement proposal
= first time in Villa Escudero, Quezon
= first step in planning our own Wedding 
= dinner with my parents and Albert's
= first involvement in a simple 'modeling career' (lol)

= my first extreme experience of haze (that lasted for a week of suffocation)
= first time being on 'part time' job
= my first Yamaha electric keyboard piano
= my first longchamp and marc jacobs bag 
= decision to prepare my board exams review
= my first year being in 'engaged' status :)

= first trip in Bangkok, Thailand
= first long holiday weekend to spend with the rest of my Singapore family
= first time to have never distinguished a diarrhea to a constipated tummy, and that I would never ever want to experience again.
= baked my first bread

= first time to bake a cheesecake, and 2 cheesecakes in a month
= first time to try an expensive lunch buffet in a 5-star hotel
= bought my first, heavy duty kitchen blender

= first time to coordinate a wedding reception
= first time to stay in a hospital overnight
= first cab modus operandi incident, (back in PH) but succeeded to avoid getting robbed / get harmed
= first time to attend a dress fitting because,
= it is my first time to be appointed as a secondary sponsor in our friends' wedding
= first time to cry in front of my two best friends
= because it is the first time in my life that I have found truth in my own speculation.

= my first "sideline" job
= first time finishing a playstation game with an in-depth walkthrough, yet still didn't get all the complete characters' endings. #fail
= first major financial frustration on work
= the first time review pressure starts to brew.

= first time (and probably the last) that I went back home in Philippines four times in a year
= officially frustrated with the local government system in the PH
= first meetings with staffs for wedding preps
= first banchetto night with best friends
= first time to feel that I don't want to go back to Singapore anymore
= first time to feel agitated during Christmas season
= my first time to try an expensive dinner buffet at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, on Christmas Day
= my very first Dr. Martens' leather boots

So that's it. Like I've mentioned, 2013 may seem to compile all that has been the good happenings rather than the bad ones but truthfully, almost half of this year put me to a test of making myself stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and of course, financially. It may looked like I spent a lot on so many material things but not all of these came in from my own savings. These are gifts that I felt I was given the privilege to accept and was so happy for it. I appreciate all of these and they all know that I really did.

I hope 2014's gonna be a whole lot better. I may experience the first pressure, come first day of the year tomorrow, nevertheless, I am quite prepared at it. It's going to be a busy year for sure, another compilation of my "first's", and probably some "last's".

Goodbye, 2013. Thanks for all the pain. You made me hold on to remain being humble and stronger.

Happy Holidays, everyone. 


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