The Angel of Death. In your gaming console. 2014.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I think it is about time that, Diablo III, like any other RPG (Role Playing Game) release an expansion to its successful comeback a year ago. It was announced by Blizzard last 21st August that the name for the said expansion would be "Reaper of Souls" at the recent Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls official set cover

The moment we heard of it, we immediately went to the Diablo's official YT page and we found 2 versions.

Based from the cinematics and very reliable sources, Reaper of Souls will take place after Diablo's defeat (in Diablo 3) as Archangel of Justice turned mortal Tyrael ensured tranquility on two races until recovers this vessel called Black Soulstone where the 7 Great Evils are kept. It is both harmful for the angels and the humans to be exposed so he decided to seal it away along with his comrades, 4 of the Horadrim. While on the journey, a certain ex-Angris Council member who he named himself as the "Angel of Death" made a surprise attack to possess the soulstone. Tyrael and 3 of the Horadium were defeated, and asked the fourth Horadium to flee and search for the chosen one who defeated Diablo, hence the Nephalem (the player) to save both realms.

I've finished the game last year, and I have to be honest with you: after I finished the game in Normal mode, I kinda failed to stick myself in making my character more powerful in the Nightmare difficulty. I mean, come on. I defeated Diablo. It was an achievement since at that time I was really into the story rather than the actual brute combating challenge. Now, I kinda regretting that I did not do so, but then further improvements on the game has been added, such as a new class which is the Crusader, which I want to try.

Moreover, other developments are said to be included in the game by setting the level cap higher (from 60 to 70) as well additional new cool armors, weapons, gems and of course, monsters and training maps.

The gamer's blood in me is making its slow comeback, because in order for me to sit still and wait for this epic release, I have to find other ways to divert my attention to, such as--- finding a higher-pay job perhaps? Hahaha.

There's no exact date yet but the expansion to this critically acclaimed game will set to shake your nearest console shops by 2014.

For more information, I advise you to check Blizzard's official websiteDiablo's official Youtube account (make sure to subscribe) and to all reliable Game forums and alike.

Disclaimer: Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The blog post is meant to purely share the vital information and not to claim hers, because she is an occasional self-claimed gamer.

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