Krabi Trip: Island hopping

Sunday, September 01, 2013

DAY 2The island-hopping day.

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I was expecting cotton candy clouds and blue skies that day, but the sun wasn't as lively as I want it to be. From Ao Nang port, we went to Railay Bay for a while to meet other tourists who joined our speedboat. Afterwards, we went to our first destination, Phra Nang Beach.

(photo credits: Albert)

Phra Nang Beach is not only famous for its fine, white sand beach (it's a foot massage treat!), but is also known for its amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations. In this beach also houses the Phra Nang Shrine, where you'd see wood carvings of human penises being offered at the altar, where they say the Fertility Deity grants their wishes (to bear a child of course). 

penis everywhere. no pun intended (photo credits: Albert)

waaavy~ (photo credits: Albert)
our speedboat :)

After Phra Nang Bay, we also went to Koh Poda or Poda Island. The beach sand wasn't as powdery as the previous and I can't say that it is maintained well. Anyway, The Poda group of islands is known for kayaking, snorkeling, and other water activities. 

We had our packed lunch there, courtesy of our travel guide. 

LUNCH TIME! (photo credits: Albert)
From Koh Poda (Poda Island), facing Koh Thap (Thap Island)

(photo credits: Albert)
yes, we were there. (photo credits: Albert)

(photo credits: Albert)

(photo credits: Albert)

Before we head home, we stopped by Koh Gai (or Chicken Island) since it's nearby Koh Poda. This island is best known for its obviously chicken head. I did not manage to get a photo of it as a background but Mel and Gian did. I feel I had butterflies in the stomach because we were sailing on high speed with lots of waves along the course.

Chicken Island. Gian blocked the chicken head a bit but that's there. :)
(photo credits: Albert)
If we only have an additional 1 day in our trip to do another island hop, we would definitely go to the famous Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island. I guess, deep down insdie, we purposely left it as a reason to go back on Krabi. It was nice trip to do with family and friends.

We reached the hotel, and next thing we knew, we were dipped in the pool. It was there, we looked beach-damped  and "bitin" (not satisfied) with the day I guess, so why not?

By night time, we claimed our free one-hour Thai massage at the Swan Spa from the hotel.

refreshing cold lemongrass tea

aftermath: Ginger tea. so relaxing... :)

We are too tired to go out and experience the hardcore night life in Krabi, since we are somewhat the "laid back" type, so we decided to stay at the hotel and have dinner at the restaurant. 

Pad thai

stir fried meat and of course, Tom Yum :)


(I did not elaborate the third day because that's just basically the day that we need to deaprt from Krabi so it's not really that remarkable.)

Like I said in the previous entry, citizens of Krabi are nice and friendly. They really do. If you're going to ask me if it is the same treatment as to the time we went in Bangkok a few weeks ago, I'd say the difference would be that the Krabi people are humbler and more tourist-friendly. I'd say that in the sense that the province, relies on the business of tourism that's why they promote a happy and accommodating service. Bangkok, like any other capital city in any country, is a very busy, restless and rich in royal culture, and with that I'd say that they 'let the dogs run' to wherever nature calls out for. Krabi remains as the glorious, relaxed beach spot and your not so ordinary sweet escape, and lifestyle is more laid back, simple and composed. 

Food wise, I am not picky on the authentic cuisines they served us. All of them are very delicious. It was a great getaway to de-stress in 3 or 4 days, trust me.

I really missed that island but I guess time will only tell when can I find the luxury to go back. I'll just find other alternatives on how to go to the "missed island spots" I want to see. Probably if given a chance, it's gonna be on the near future, or perhaps in Phuket instead, just to get into another set of adventure.

-forever itchy foot (but not athlete's foot!),
Biggs :)

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