DJ Max Technika Tune on Press Start

Friday, September 27, 2013

If you're a fan of K-Pop, Acid House, Electro-rock, urban pop music and you wanna play the DJ mode, here's a treat for you.

With DJ Max Technika Tune, I can now play the same arcade game without spending the energy to go out and do it in the arcade center.

Released September of last year, the portable version of this music-rhythm video game from South Korean developer Pentavision has gathered positive feedback from players who has loved the game since DJ Max Portable on PSP. The game became more "the arcade gameplay" since Playstation Vita is a touch-screened version of PSP, with an additional rear touchpad, making the game a bit difficult to maneuver, but makes it unique and more challenging. There's a setting anyway to disable the rear touchpad so that everything will be operated by the front touch screen, and you're good to go.

I am, and will always be a fan of music, rhythm arcade games. Like I said in my previous posts, even before this DJ-ing games, I used to play the infamous Dance Dance Revolution (of how many series), Para Para Dance, and all those Motion sensored dance games, Guitar and Drum Hero, Rockband, and lately, Jubeat, Patapon Series and Dance Central (on Xbox Kinect). DJ Max Technika and the versions where ever console that is, is always a must-try.

Interface of the said game on PS Vita would be closer to what it is from the arcade game. When I came to Singapore, playing it would cost me almost the same as how much I play it on Timezone PH. I'd say the rate in Timezone SG is cheaper in terms of a couple of pesos. 

Featured in the portable game are songs some that were carried over from the 1st arcade game, and highly noted here are the songs from Korean girl group KARA (which I also love about it, since I am quite a KARA fan) and some new additional songs. 

It's a shame that songs of Clazziquai aren't here, but I'm not losing hope for a second part release or anything. :)

You can further check here what are the songs included. 

To see more on a slight demo, I'm gonna show you my personal video on how it is played in PSVita. :) *shameless plug*

I just used my iPhone camera to do this so the orientation is not much favored (it's been a while since I made a video editing software so, forgive me if this is the result. haha) But I find this helpful and amusing at the same time. Maybe I'll do this once in a while, yes?

Check out DJ Max Technika Tune on Playstation Network, it's website and reliable review resources on the web that you may find.

Hope my entry helps! Have fun!

DJ Max Technika Tune is developed by Pentavision Global Inc. I do not own nor claim anything in my possession for that matter. 

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