Patiently waiting, and patiently waiting.

Friday, August 30, 2013

So... Hello.

A lot has happened (yes it still is.), and has been said and done, but this good ol' rusty trusty blog is still withstanding all the joy and hatred of my whirlwind 5 month (and unfortunately, still counting) struggle to 'perfect' my life with everything. 

Well, truth sucks, and I am still here, struggling.

Sure, beat me to it. :-)

Anyways, I kind of wanting this urge to go back here once in a while, since I tried to fill the missed gaps by keeping myself busy and occupied with the "extracurriculars", aside from, you know, fighting the reasons why I should go back home. I've been quite busy in terms of researching for a good and obviously more healthy lifestyle, and let me just say that I am making my little steps to tinkering the way to awesomeness. So we gotta wait patiently, huh...

Whilst my position in this one-sided love-hate relationship for the Lion City is still in question, I strive hard to be productive, and then again, fighting and labeling myself "THE OPTIMISTIC" tag in a transparent cookie jar for the meantime.

It's almost the last day of August, so, I pay homage for the wasted 5 months of blog inactivity. I posted this in honor of my national heroes, my protest on the PH pork barrel issue, mu budding abhorrence to my moto shacho, and my undying love for mozarella cheese.

Virtual high five.

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