Emma Stone's not so easy A-ct.

Monday, March 04, 2013

screenshot from the easy A movie, starring Emma Stone as Olive

I just had to watch this movie by accident. And by that, I was lucky and happy that I've get to see one of Emma Stone's cutest movies before her ever major breakthrough.

The general plot of Easy A centers around a teenage girl named Olive (Emma Stone), who became a victim of her own impulse lie. An instant popular in school, she made up a story to her bestfriend that she has lost her her virginity to a college guy. It so happened that the leader of the school's religious group, Marianne, accidentally heard this, and made the rumor to the whole campus and spread like mad. Olive has become the "talk of almost everyone"  due to her "dirty, private activities". Because of the accusations and her somewhat impatience and disrespect, she had once made a verbal argument with a girl in class that sent her to the discipline's office.

After a mature talk with Mr. Griffith, her favorite teacher, as well as helping her gay friend build a fake facade of being manly and cool (to be accepted by the crowd, by pretending that both of them had sex at a party), She has then had this image of being the school's number 1 tramp. After she helped Brandon, (her gay friend), she has continued the "dirty act" with the stories of her sleeping with random boys, boys who usually don't have any success in courting or dating girls in exchange for money. Her reputation has increased; almost every student knows her as the modern-day reversed Hester Prynne (in the novel The Scarlet Letter) by stitching a red letter "A" on every top she wears... 

The lie and the image she started has slowly made situations even complicated when she tries to cover up a major lie  by saving the marriage of her favorite teacher and their school's guidance counselor, as little did Mr. Griffth know, his wife was having an affair to Marianne's boyfriend. The guy has acquired chlamydia, causing Olive to be the center of all the blame.

Tired of doing all the cover-ups and pretentions, she was saved reunited with her old crush named Todd from an incident and rekindle their sweet relationship. Todd knew that all the accusations on Olive were not true because on their earlier years, she has also helped Todd gets his "fake first kiss."

The story has progressed in the way that the lies has soon ended when her teacher knew the truth about the affair and has believed her, and she made a live webcast on all the work she has done to be known by the whole campus. Her bestfriend who has hated her for her acts (that were all lies) understood her and her apology. Olive ended up with Todd's support, (a blossoming love as well) and his eccentric family's encouragement.


That summary was a long one.. :)

The story itself injected an important lesson to teach, which all of us must have felt we can relate, or we can hate. As a whole, the story was fun, interesting and cute at the same time. Emma Stone has this undeniable charm whenever she speaks, and you'll see that even before her The Amazing Spiderman break, she can be noted as one of the cutest, captivating actresses of this generation. Her smile really makes me go "fangirl mode" all of a sudden.

You must watch this movie. Even though it was shown last 2010, I'd definitely recommend you to see this movie with a bucket of nacho chips on your side. :)

Also in the film are actors, Amanda BynesPenn BadgleyThomas Haden ChurchAly Michalka, and many more.

Watch the trailer of this movie on the clip below.

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