Two Trips x One Sick Girl x Resolution zero.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dearest Blogger,

Okay, I kind of failed and owe you an explanation.

I know you're going to ask me one question, "Where did your New Year's resolution go?" 


I have said the whole story to almost every single person I talked with, yet I have not made any effort or chance to share you why.

So here it goes...

Last January, I've caught a viral infection on my throat and lungs that has successfully overpowered my immune system. I was actually diagnosed with Bronchitis, due to an inflamed respiratory tract.  At first, I thought it was just a normal tonsillitis because my throat started to felt swollen the night before I needed to take a sick leave from work. The next day, I was still not feeling better and decided to take one more day to rest and drink lots of water. Lymph nodes started to grow almost around my neck.

I have forced myself to come to work on the third day, given the fact that after work hours, I have something to celebrate about (it's me and my fiance's 7th Anniversary). We had our dinner to a Japanese sukiyaki / shabu-shabu restaurant. Believe me or not, but I did thought that maybe, the only thing I needed was a bowl of hot soup and I'd feel better and normal in the next days to come... but it wasn't. After a few more days, I still got an on-and-off fever, dry, itchy cough and unfocused mind. I was supposed to work half day on one Saturday, that the doctor has even "begged" me not to, because it will just worsen my situation. I lost my appetite which was so frustrating, and there was a time of the meal that I even threw up because my entire body wasn't responding well with the medicine. Every food I take was bland except for chicken porridge.

I did tried my best to recover since the following day was our flight to Cambodia (BOOM! It was our long planned Post-Anniversary getaway). Silly and funny it may was, I managed to endure the body pain and dizziness (the meds are drowsy) when we were there. I program myself to be distracted from thinking that I'll be feeling feverish when nighttime comes, but... Ta-daa... I guess reality REALLY sucks. Hehe. >__<

I came back to Singapore after 3 days with a not-so-okay aura. My colleagues told me that it made my condition even way, way ridiculous. They were maybe right at that time --it has been more than a week since it started. I was very worried that I might got it from Siem Reap, as they say the common illness a person may get there was Malaria. I went back to my doctor and finally concluded that I was suffering from Bronchitis and gave me stronger medicines to take. But then, some more, I didn't believe at first that the on-and-off fever I was having was because of the viral infections because after the new medicines my doctor gave me, my skin has developed some rashes. I was injected with anti-histamine to cease the itchiness and redness as a preventive measure. Still, I was so worried as I immediately thought that it was one of the early signs of Dengue Fever

Paranoid, I went to the hospital and had my blood tested. Thank God, it was a false alarm. I just had to do it because the next day would be another trip to Bali, Indonesia (another long-planned out-of-town trip for Albert's Birthday), and if an instance that I did have a Dengue, I'd totally send myself to the hospital and cancel all our plans. It was a really nerve-wracking and energy-draining experience! Before we sleep that night, my roommate (who is luckily a licensed nurse) told me that the skin allergy I got wasn't just a normal allergy, but measles

What. the. hell.

Thanks to the internet, we have quickly researched for the possible reasons why I have acquired measles as a "side dish" while in the middle of "bronchitis" entree. It was a rather interesting fact because measles occur to a person who is diagnosed with bronchitis and thus became its "climax" or rather the "final stage" of the illness. Meaning, when you see the rashes coming out, it's the signal towards the end of your suffering. Surprise, Surprise! 

True enough, my fever slowly went down, which made my breathing better than before. The rashes started from my forehead, down to my arms, to my tummy all the way down to my legs and knees for at about 3 to 5 days.

And all these were with me in the beach, in the mall, in the sightseeing spots, in Bali.

I was suffering with these stress for at about 2 weeks. I had a very surprising weight loss, (I used it to my advantage), but in contrary, I also lost my planned surprises for Albert's birthday.

In fact, he was the one who took care of me during those days of hell. In order for our two trips to happen, he ensured that I am drinking lots of water from time to time, and always monitor my temperature every hour. He was putting the wet cloth on my forehead for my fever to go down and sacrificed sleepless nights of a not-so-cool room like the usual. He only had one wish on his birthday and that was just for me to feel better. Love love... love him to bits.

It was all thanks to him, and to those people who prayed for my fast (but yeah, technically not-so-fast unfortunately) recovery... most especially to God. Thank you!

So, there you have it. If you want to lose weight, kill time and just in the mood to feel REAL WASTED, lose yourself with some ass-kickin' illness and it will also give you a plus point to ruin all your plans away. Just kidding.

I hope from this day onwards, I'd be more vocal in letting you what I feel. Whenever, wherever. :)


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