Limited Edition Archie's Girls for M.A.C

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hi everyone!

I just want to share what I've been up to, recently.

I was invited by my friend to attend the launch of the Limited Edition Archie's Girls for M.A.C last Friday, 1st of March at Sephora, ION Orchard. The event started at around 7:00pm and luckily, my late afternoon site meeting was just around the area. After my meeting, I dropped by first to the Remittance Centre to do some home errands and also went to other ATMs nearby (as another short errand) and then went straight to ION.

I've met my friend and her hubby, Rebecca around 7:30pm at the meeting spot and together we went to Sephora. Godwin (Rebecca's husband) was also off to do some money errands at that moment, plus, he isn't into such type of events (it's a cosmetic product launch, lol) so, wifey will just meet her somewhere after the event is over.

Oh yeah. I was once a Sephora Singapore "invisible" card member (invisible = earning points without having any card yet) prior to this event, yet the invite came for those who were currently "card members". To cut this story short, one card member is entitled to tag along one friend to attend this event. Rebecca asked me to come along and the rest was history.

I am just a one lucky kid. LOL. 

While I was there, it so happened that my college friend, Michelle and Tara were there to see the products as well. What a cute coincidence! Both of them were members (again, what sets us apart was that I don't possess a card but I AM a member. lol) and were entitled to join in. The four of us were devouring the free drinks and light snacks (since none of us went there without having any dinner yet). Crazy but enjoyable moment, I say.

beautiful ladies! :) (Rebecca, Michelle and Tara)

Also, I have a photo taken from the models of Archie's Girls, with Archie, as well.

so cute, with the trio!

the photo above was the heart by default and sent to our mail! Yey! 

I have also received a small token from Archie, a small heart-shaped white tin box that contains candies. I have not taken any photo of that but will update it as soon as I do. :)


M.A.C has intended to release this collection by Spring 2013, and has comprised of two exclusive and luscious designs representing Betty (in bubbly, cutesy, light color palette) and Veronica (in a bit strong, seductive and deep hues) of Archie and Friends franchise.

At the event, Betty's lip collection gone sold out in a matter of... minutes? Couldn't blame the M.A.C fans if they've love Betty's colors than Veronica's since Betty's choices are usually the ones that are easy and comfortable to wear: it is not too strong and just right and wearable at any occasion.

Betty's set of lippies and glosses. (photo credits from Temptalia website)

Veronica's set of lippies and glosses. (photo credits from Temptalia website)

Veronica's set, even the lip gloss, blush and eye palette are nice too but, for me, the shades are usually for ladies who are boosting with confidence and mostly those type that goes often to parties and huge gatherings. The colors, I must say, are loud, expressive and shimmery, perfect for club-goers, heavy make-up users and the like.

I actually tried the shimmery, transparent purple lipstick (3rd from the lippies on the photo above), mixed with a pink-ish M.A.C default set, and it turned out really nice, but a bit thick on my lips. Plus, if I wanted to achieve that combination, I need to mix in both lipsticks, like all the time. I can't wear the shimmer purple alone because my lips will going to be just dull.


Betty and Veronica's eye liners and mascaras (photo credits by Temptalia website)
I have tried Veronica's purple eyeliner. It was actually nice! It enhanced my eyes, most especially when I'm wearing my contacts. 

yours truly, wearing the eye liner and the veronica combo lips, and my friend, Rebecca 


Of all the items presented, those makeup brushes are my least favorite. It was like the material isn't as strong and long lasting as those brushes from Coastal Scents or other well-known brands. The brush hair is rough, and I don't personally recommend this even if the packaging is nice.


I was actually expecting a bit more from the whole event itself, like they will make a small talk on the product and other added fun activities. Yes, there was a free makeover booth there, but usually the people who have come this event were most likely "prepared" their faces on, with accessories etc... Well, it was my first attendance on such product launch, so I am looking forward for more... if being invited to. :)

So far, the products I featured above were the ones that caught my attention, but for the whole list of products, you may check Temptalia, most especially the M.A.C Online Store for additional details.

What do you think of these collection? Share your thoughts by leaving a message on the comments tab! :)

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