Monday, March 11, 2013

Prior to the invention of PlayStation Portable, I am already playing rhythm games and the like (READ: Bust a Groove, Dance Dance Revolution, Para Para Paradise) that ususally requires perfect timing and synchronization on the very first PlayStation 1. Even before the emerge of DJ Max on PSP, the gameplay behind the Patapon franchise isn't really an exception, but rather a "twist" to the rhythm game genre. I can rather call it an semi-adventure-slash-god game in a strategic approach.

Patapon 3 on my PS Vita

I've played and finished the Patapon 1 and 2 a few years back. A lot of things swallowed the rest of the "free me" ever since I came in Singapore to earn a living... and during those years of being workaholic, I've missed out the release of the third installment, Patapon 3, developed by Pyramid, Japan Studio and exclusively published by Sony Computer Entertainment


For those who have not played any Patapon Game yet, Patapon is basically, like I said, played in a 4/4 beat as your in-game characters march consequently, with 4 different drums (pata, pon, don and chaka). Unlike any other 3D characters in other PSP games, the Patapon tribe are animated in silhouette 2D form designed by Rolito, with small arms and feet and the body is in a shape of a human eyeball. Even their battle equipment are in the cartoonish form as well. The Patapon army (which is your army) is in search of what they call "IT", a magical substance that grants the Patapons' forever contentment and true happiness. The one who controls the army is the "kami", a japanese word for "god", and that is the player.

There are enemies along the way as they go in search for "IT", and you'll know in the gameplay that you're facing enemies when the color of their bodies (the eyeball) is not white, and their direction of attack is towards your marching army. In the past Patapon series, they have battled with the tribe called Zigotons (Patapon 1), Karmen and Akumapons (Patapon 2). Eventually they have befriended, if not all, most of the enemies and even made their path to reach "IT".

The relevance of the story to that of Patapon 3 is that, while on the journey (where Patapon 2 stopped), the army has opened a forbidden box that released 7 evil spirits that made all of them petrified except for the flag holder, Hatapon. The god (which is the player) has merged to the hero of the game (leader of the Patapon army), and became as what in the game called is "Uberhero". 

As of this moment, I have not finished the game yet. I don't know if its just plain laziness or I just want to savor every victory each stage that I clear. So far, I managed to clear 4 out of 7 evil Archfiends, and in the process of making my army stronger. If not for repeating a stage to get any rare items in-game, I already made way to finish everything. 


Patapon 3's animation and graphics seemed to differ a bit on the past 2 series. The drawing has become more edgy and funky, since the "hero"-now-"Uberhero" became bigger than the rest, and the hero mask varies depending on the class and race.

Uberhero, in different races and evolution. (At the back are the Patapon army with Hatapon)

The interface of Patapon 3 is a bit different since it has even improve its feature to go "multiplayer", meaning, to go with or against any player online. The mini-game from the past two series are somewhat removed, and upgrading the strength and making each class of your patapon evolve is easy but time-consuming at the same time. Other in-game feature can be downloaded and purchased via PlayStation Store

Right now, I managed to play Patapon 3 in PlayStation Vita, and navigate it the same way as how I play it on PSP. They say, this has to be the last installment of the series, since some spoilers say that the tribe has found the sacred "IT".

Wait, I should've not spoiling myself yet, so before I end this, let me just say that if you have not played any of the series yet, please try it by all means. It's totally fun and addicting as well!

You may go and check reliable sources on the game by checking GAMEFaqsIGN, and even on Gamespot.

Before this blog entry really ends, let me show you the trailer a year ago and be amaaazed..

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