"San nin awasete, Pafyumu desu!"

Friday, December 21, 2012

I still can't believe that, that day arrived and ended very fast.

It was too sudden.
It was too quick to happen.

...and all my hard work was totally paid off just to see them.

Perfume: (L-R:) Kashiyuka, Aa-chan and NOCCHi, circa 2007

I've known the electro-pop all-girl unit Perfume since 2007 through a friend in college. At that time, the social networking and micro-blogging site Plurk was so popular in the Philippines because of the challenge to raise your "karma" levels. One night, I happened to come across a plurk post of this friend of mine, which led me to the link of the group's music video of "Chocolate Disco". They were in those flashy, colourful outfits, took a very convincing dance routine, catchy melody and lyrics in mixed English and Nihonggo.

As an avid listener of Japanese Music since I-cannot-remember, I have instantly liked the group to a certain extent that I grew fond of their cute and addictive charisma.  Few months have passed and I happened to encounter them again from a random Youtube clip and saw more of their music videos. I started to research their background, their past works, their choreographer, and even their producer (who happened to be a very well-known DJ in Japan), so basically that started my "biography stalking". Since then, I've followed their performances and never failed to be amazed each time.

The group has gotten popular and popular every year, and I've found a community in the cyberworld that appreciates and discusses the group in all different kinds of media. I joined that community and even became a moderator of it for some time.

Perfume celebrating their a decade of anniversary since their Formation at Tokyo Dome, circa 2010.

In 2010, the group has celebrated their 10-year anniversary of forming the group and has performed in one of the most prestigious and biggest concert halls in Japan ---Tokyo Dome. I remember the girls calling it "yume no stage" (Dream Stage), because for them, it was a long time dream to perform in such a big venue and to 50,000 audience. It was truly inspiring! I've never looked after such an amazing act like them, and I can definitely tell you all that they've earned my respect for the whole Japanese culture. Because of their kind, determined and persevering personality towards their craft and their loyal listeners, they have reached a remarkable place in the Japanese music scene, which they totally deserve more than anything else. They've worked hard for it even though there were times that they feel their music will never be appreciated by many, but they never gave up and gained the throne to stardom. They've gotten famous, so much that they've been given the biggest breaks ever, as overall performers.

During the past two years, Perfume somewhat became the ambassadors of Japan and its music. They became the representatives to various award-giving bodies and even received one (READ: MAMAMTV Music Awards Japan), but the most notable of all their international activities was having their song "Polyrhythm" (the song that made them remarkable in Japan for the Recycling Ad) was chosen to be one of the original soundtrack for Disney and Pixar's Cars 2. Since their visit in US, The group became aware of their fanbase outside their country and thought the potential of doing an international expansion. They have tried to come out of their comfort zone by leaving their former record label (yes, their label for more than 5 years) and switched to Universal Music Japan. Since February of this year, the group were introduced to the said new label change to pursue their desire of reaching every single fan in all parts of the world possible.

Now, Why I am saying such long introduction like this?

Well, I guess I think I owe myself some tripping down on to the memory lane because like them, I've somehow came about to reach one of my lifelong dreams to date. 

The announcement of their first World Tour came about sometime around July, the day before my 25th birthday to be exact. I told myself that, that day was too much to take, that I felt everything was make-believe. For me, receiving the marriage proposal from my boyfriend (now fiance) and the announcement that Perfume will be coming to Singapore that night were the best gifts ever. It was just... my yume no puresento(dream gift!)

The availability of the tickets in the Singapore leg came about last 14th October. Fearful that I may not get the best view of the venue, me and my ever reliable friend arrived to the queue point around 12 midnight until to the time they will sell it, which was 10:00am.

Some photos from last October:

The ticketing queue point. The pair of sneakers on the photo was from Takashi-san, the first man in line. :)

The queue at around 12 midnight of 14th October. We were about 50-60 people until to my end.

The queue in the morning, around 8-9:00am. Few hours left before the queue started

Almost near to the AFA shop to buy my VIP tickets.

HAPPY! I got my very first VIP ticket from the queue experience! :)

4 VIP tickets from #180 - #183. I availed 2 tickets and thanks to my personal friend who helped me snagged in 2 more. :)

As a first-timer to experience my "desperate" move to see the girls, I felt agitated and can't even get myself an hour of sleep or two. I managed to buy 4 tickets. At that time I felt very fulfilled and proud to myself, thanks to the sort of "training" of sleepless nights (for cramming the deadlines) I had way back in college. :)

I'd like to share with you one of my dreams that has came true... 24.11.2012. *SCAPE Warehouse. The last leg of the World Tour 1st... Perfume: live in Singapore. The day that I have waited for. The day I see Aa-chan, NOCCHi and Kashiyuka in the flesh, right in my very own eyes. 

Singapore concert details are  on my next blog entry, 'coz I know this intro is too long to handle. :))

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