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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Maroon 5 - Overexposed album cover

Overexposed is the fourth and current studio album of the alternative rock band, Maroon 5. With the success of their song Moves Like Jagger last year, the album sounded like they were heading into a funkier-than-funk rock genre, and some may comment and question the band if this is the way they want to progress, rather than sticking into the typical rock, or pop rock style they used to in their earlier years.

While some felt uneasy and doubtful listening to the whole album, I was quickly enthralled with it, and has already considered it as one of my favorite Maroon 5 albums to date. I can't really say what theme they had in general but there's this virtual message they are trying to convey with every track. For me, naming it 'Overexposed' is a sign that the band can evolve into something that they don't usually do. 

After their third album Hands All Over, twelve new tracks were rendered with beat-sy, electric funk groove. Three successful singles were hailed and released under this album: first was the song  Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa. For me, this song is certainly the Maroon 5 pop-rock trademark, like when you've heard the song for the first time, you'd instantly think that it's them who made it. This song became so popular that even the Australian-Korean youtube sensation twins Jayesslee made a beautiful acoustic cover that got more than 16 million views on their channel. The second song was called One More Night, garnering so much good feedbacks from fans and listeners alike. It has this funk rock and catchy reggae feeling that makes me want to headbang and do some creepwalk on the spot. :))

The third and upcoming single is my most favorite track of the whole list and that is the song called Daylight, a slow rock that somehow reminds me of a Coldplay song, and how Adam Levine sings the chorus was just really swooning me away, even though the message of the song was a sad, though a bit inspirational (due to the melody).

The rest of the songs were danceable because of the funky groove and synths. My second most favorite song is the song Lucky Strike which got this lyrics funny and too much on the double meanings. The second to the last song called Doin' Dirt has a potential to become one of their future singles from this album. The least favorite song for me would be the ballad-track named Sad since it's a slow, and literally sad song.

Since the album was released last June 2012, few special bundles were released in different countries, that includes some of their songs that were born as old as the Songs About Jane days, and as well as the last year's hit, Moves Like Jagger feat. Christina Aguilera.

Track list:

1. One More Night
2. Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa
3. Daylight
4. Lucky Strike
5. The Man Who Never Lied
6. Love Somebody
7. Lady Killer
8. Fortune Teller
9. Sad
10. Tickets
11. Doin' Dirt
12. Beautiful Goodbye

Music Videos released from the album so far:

Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa

One More Night

I would like to include Jayesslee's cover for Payphone as well. Hope you don't mind. 
(since I love this version too!)

The music video for the upcoming single, Daylight has announced last September that the theme will be chosen based from the people who record and shared their story through a mini-contest called "Daylight Project." Prize for the said activity (if there is) can be found on Maroon 5's official website.

Verdict: The album gave positive effects on me. Since I haven't watched Maroon 5 perform live (too bad I did not get to watch them on the recent Singapore F1 Grand Prix), I am looking forward to find another chance, in the next months to come, or probably next year, for another opportunity and I hope they'd perform if not all-- most of the songs on this album and their past albums :)

The world in time may change its course to like house, funk-reggae and techno, and even hiphop that nowadays has developed and has expanded in the line of electropop. Maroon 5 has to evolve in such ways they know they are capable of.

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