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Thursday, October 25, 2012


In my opinion, the word speaks already for itself. No one on this planet would even try to change its sole, universal definition, unless you take it on a different perspective or level. To delineate it further on a normal concept, a person who is happy will manifest on his / her positive aura, beaming of the eyes, and most especially a genuine smile on his / her face.

Is being in pain means being happy too?

While I find the answers of a question like the one above, I can't help but to give a speechless gesture. From time to time, we always want to keep with idealistic situations, even though we experience the opposite. It's like we were fantasizing something that may or may not happen, but at the end of the day, we just get nothing but disappointment.

I can be frank sometimes. If I am broke, I am certainly not happy about it. If I got to pass on a corner with a pointy edge and left me with a long scar, I'll surely get pissed. I always want to smile all the time, and live with the concept of happiness they way it should be. I am just a human after all, and everyone only wants what it's best.

It seems perfect to me, but then again, shit happens, and life just brings the hell out you when it is programmed the other way around. The more realistic it gets, the better... or worse.

So going back, who in the world wants to plaster himself a crying face?

We can never have everything in life. That's basic. So we should never allow ourselves in a depressed situation and strive to be optimistic and be happy. But who are we fooling at the end of the day? We are pissed off, our eyebrows are meeting and we are frowning. We cry a tons of tears, we yell at the things and people we hate. We are selfish, we just want to get even.

We play pranks, We curse them back. We cheat to love two or more at the same time. We  commit sin and we normally do it all the time.

So, to sum up, it all goes back again to say, "We can never have everything." You're in pain because you live in an imperfect life.

It sucks, right?

So, to ask you another insane question: Where's the thrill of all this?

Ironically, that makes you smile, though.

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