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Monday, September 24, 2012

This was the most recent film I've watched on the movie house. I'm supposed to do a review for The Dark Knight Rises but we can give this a try, since not all movies that we watched can be the same all the time, most especially if someone like you have not seen or reviewed the movie yet.

I have not seen the teaser film nor have checked any elaborated synopsis of the movie, because believe it or not, it can be just me or the rest of my girl housemates were like blinded by the front liner, that being Channing Tatum. :) It was our first girls' night out, leaving the guys at home just to see the movie. I must say that I thought it will just showcase pure 6-pack abs of the guys and 2-hours of strip dancing but surprise, surprise... there's indeed a story, which I liked and disliked to some certain points.

Magic Mike is a story of a 30-year-old man that got different jobs in the day, yet is also known to be a male stripper at night, hence the title of the story being his screen name. The beginning of the story is a bit misleading to think that it would focus on the life of Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a 19-year-old slacker who was then accidentally gets into the limelight of strip dancing, gaining popularity among women since he's the newbie, and has becoming a protege of the club. All the while, as the story progresses, it shows that it revolves more on Mike's life, and how felt the need to retire from stripping, live in a remote place and start a business as a furniture maker. Well, Channing Tatum is known for being a great dancer since Step Up One, and him doing a strip dancer role isn't new to him. In fact, he did have an experience of being a stripper in her early years. It just gets effective because they have mixed it with a story plot, in which I still find it vague for some reason.

Performance wise, all of them were good. They has somehow achieve humor to the audience, not to mention the jaw-dropping strip dance numbers. Story wise, I felt that there's something that's lacking. For me it would've been better if Mike had a more dramatic background than just to tell that he's a stripper, he has gone tired of what he's doing and he has a dream far from being in the stripping club.  His connection to his love interest was a bit clouded in some parts with how they got the "spark" since I find it a bit inconsistent. The ending of the story leads them to start a relationship in a subtle, cute way, making the viewers think that, that's just it. End of story. Nothing much, he did quit stripping in the end but we aren't sure what follows. 

If I'm going to base this everything on strippers' real life, I'd say that would be hard. First, I've never visited a strip house in my entire life, and second, I don't even know how they feel just to take and swallow the day without being choked. Taking onto the bright side, the movie shows that despite of  anyone can dream. Just make sure to choose the simplest, humblest means in order for you to achieve it.

I've heard that they are planning to do a sequel to this but we'll see if that will hit the box. Probably, the answers and the "lacking factor" will be there in the second part all along.

I know the movie was released like 3-4 months ago but feel free to watch the teaser film below.

Thumbs up for Channing's abs, good looks and dance moves... but then, Magic Mike wasn't 100% magical to me.

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