Her love is so strong, yet the agent of lonesomeness

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"How the hell does a broken heart get back together when it's torn apart?"
-first line from the song "Bluebird"

lovestrong. Album Cover

Like any other singer-songwriter that rose up into the American music scene of today, Christina Perri is another agent of defining how rich or blunt love is, but ends up drowned in loneliness.

To those who do not know her yet, Christina's life and music career wasn't a born-today, singer-tomorrow story. From what I've known to her public biography, she has taught herself to play guitar by watching a videotape of Blind Melon's guitarist, Shannon Hoon. Self-teaching seems to be indeed very inspiring... She nailed it so good.

She was once married, then got divorced a year and a half month later and can probably became the major factor of her starting to write songs with a pinch of sadness. That time she was also a waitress at Los Angeles, CA. 

Thus, in here the song "Jar of Hearts" was born.

More on 'lovestrong.'

I can't explain why, but each time I hear her sweet voice, it was infused with Adele and a modern-day Alanis Morisette. Her voice is actually versatile that I can even try to compare her with other female artists of her genre like Avril LavigneColbie Caillat and even to a sad Lenka, perhaps.

I can definitely say that all --if not, MOST of her love songs depict regret, holding on, and unrequited. I can somehow compare how she writes the words to that of Adele's, and sing it like a sadder Adele or an uberly depressed Colbie or Alanis. The song "The lonely", "Sad Song" and the famous "Jar of Hearts" can be one of the best example.

My favorite song of the entire track would be the song "Distance". Ever since I've heard it featured on the drama series Revenge (as a semi-music video / advertisement) the initial singer that I have thought in mind was Avril Lavigne. That song was pure gold. The lyrics and the melody had gained such an impact to me. It reminds me of how melancholic I was when I had sweet nothings, drawn-out rejections and a love that was not reciprocated.

It's not that I've always lived with waiting for the "prince charming" to notice me; it's just that sometimes we can submit to the conclusion that for once in our lives we have experienced loving someone who doesn't (or cannot) love us back and we ended up staring them from afar. The gap between you and you hold dear is beyond measurable, and it sucks to live on the fact that, that someone sees you differently more than you do.

While the whole album is majorly dominated by such angst, failure to love and return the love, I can say that there are some songs that can be at least, happy. One of which is a very sweet song called "Penguin", which is inspired by her narration of meeting the 'one' which is not depicted on finding the love by luck, but by fate. It is also one of my favorite songs of the album due to the somewhat 'cheesy' and optimistic message it brings.

You might want to check her Youtube channel, featuring all the songs that she's known for:

A Thousand Years, that was part of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn OST.

Arms, another popular song of hers which is mainly accompanied by Piano all throughout. Very nice melody.

Jar of Hearts. I consider this as the song that pierces her heart tremendously. Spot on.

lastly, Distance feat. Jason Mraz. Comes with the acoustic and original studio version for the MV.

Original Version

Christina Perri's lovestrong album is available worldwide on your favorite record bars  and digitally on iTunes.

Overall, I'd recommend this song to others regardless of being solitary isolated and love-deprived. I can feel her emotions all around the tracklist, that's for sure. I believe that how the song is written represents the status of the one who writes it, whether it may be physically, emotionally, or how he deals his life everyday.  And with this,  I wish that she may be able to write happier songs on her next album, all ecstatically inspired and beaming with positivity.

For more information (her facebook page, twitter, instagram, etc), kindly go and check her official website here

Do I Like or Dislike the album? I'm more on going into the "like" side. I just love how she delivered the song with conviction. I felt that it's just the same as how this guy defines love. It's not a triangle, nor square but a trapezoid, because it's not equally the same and is not fair...

All embedded youtube videos are from Christina Perri and is not reproduced for personal use but is only shared for the information of this blog review. 

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