Dream after another, part 1

Saturday, July 07, 2012

"...If only I can see and talk to that person again, then maybe I can finally tell that I used to harbor unrequited feelings for him..."

One may think that those lines above can be a teaser to my one shot story, (yes, I have been conceptualizing a material to write for fanfiction) but it is certainly not. That was one of my actual realizations the moment I woke up this morning. Yes, funny, but I had a very odd and weird dream.

To tell you frankly, I had entered dreamland twice last wednesday. One was just an old scene like I was watching a typical Pinoy comedy movie (with Joey de Leon as the protagonist) and laughing like crazy. As Albert is currently on his week-long "standby duty" work, he told me this morning that he suddenly stopped his work to look after my "funny" face. I woke up because I felt that there's a presence beside me who keeps on brushing my hair with a hand. There he was, staring at me, and laughingly told me, "Was there something funny fellow in your dream? You were sooo cute smiling widely and chuckling the whole time I watched you..." 

Because I was half asleep - half awake, for a moment there I literally blushed, because I didn't even know that I was doing that in real time-- (LOL) so I hid myself in the blanket but his hand was faster to put it away and kissed me on my forehead. Sweet fellow. :)

His work ended at around 5:00am, Thursday. I shortly woke up to get a glass of water for me and for him and get back to sleep.  I think that was a bad move... It was supposedly another good 2 and a half hour nap but it led me to another bizarre dream.

Bittersweet, yet a bit regretful. To be continued on my next post.

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