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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Everything went smoothly so far... I call this the "calm before and after the storm." Ever since my partner left the company, things did changed, day by day. Sometimes I had this feeling that it can be just one of my dreaded thoughts, but little by little I can see the progress of change in many aspects.

As I'm writing this on the way to office, I'd like to say thank you to "you", who I know reads and follows my blog whether I post or gone MIA. If you happen to read this, let me say "thanks!", "i'm sorry." and "i miss you." I have so many things to say but there are times that I feel actions are more vivid and important rather than typing here. I'll see you around, play at your place, hang out... Then in that way I won't feel that you're away. I wish you all the best, and I pray that you will soon get the "gift" you guys are waiting for so long. Thanks for the encouragements and prayers. And always remember what I tell you, "we will soon be rewarded with our hard work." and likewise, if you're feeling you needed someone to talk to...

Let me know. :)


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