How to do Maki -simplified-

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I don't really have the energy now to do a decent article or tips on how to do a japanese dish called Maki (or Sushi, california maki, w/e). I did this again because I love my design partner so much, and let's just say this can be my "parting treat" (i can't consider this as a gift >_< ) to her, as tomorrow is her last day to work with us.

Enough of the drama: I happen to do a collage of the process. Sorry, i did not do a full documentary because I only thought of putting this in my blog just when I am in the middle of doing it. So anyway, here it goes...

1) my ratio for the rice vinegar/ wine solution would be for every 3cups of rice will be 1/2 cup of rice wine, 2tbsp of sugar and 2tsp of salt. Let it be combined in a pan in low heat until the sugar and salt is dissolved. Once okay, set aside and let it cool.

2) to mix the rice and the solution, make sure both of it are in normal temperature already. Then you can stir it using a wooden spoon. I don't know about plastics buy metal spoons are a no-no as it creates a reaction to the vinegar and rice. Let's just follow what other sushi experts say, ok? :)

3) then, fry eggs if you like, or sausages, or anything you wish to include there, like in my case I put crabsticks (which is very common) and/or sausages. Bacon or chorizos can be a good alternative.

4) I think the rest of the things are to be done based on the photo. Basically you lay down everything with the mayonnaise in the sushi roller and of course, do not forget the dried seaweed! That's one of the most essential ingredient. It's like, you can forget everything else (the eggs, meat, etc) but the sushi rice will never go wrong even if the only thing along with it is the seaweed. :)

5) best served with calamansi (small lime) mixed with light soy sauce. Wasabi can be optional.

Haha, I cannot consider this a short, and simplified tutorial anymore but if you have anything else to ask, feel free to drop a note on my shoutbox.

So there, happy cooking and enjoy munching!

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