my thoughts on MIB III

Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's just say you care of this one person who's really and gradually become an important part of your life and you don't want him to die 40 years prior to where you should be sipping your cup of hot chocolate... then, there goes your overnight time jump experience, and for you to discover a certain painful fragment of the past that involves... you, 40 years ago.

Okay, if someone watched the teaser trailers, we can say that there's a time travel involved in the movie. I'm not an expert in intros but here goes the catch: MIB III is a typical MIB film, playing around with emotions this time. I did not really expect how it ended in a bittersweet way but probably it can be an advance offer in the incoming Father's Day this june. It's really heartwarming, so to say, however, I was looking for this trademark "space-war" action we used to know nearly 10 years ago (MIB II). I have to admit that I cried on the last parts of the movie (thanks to Emman for making fun of me). The scene where Agent J (Will Smith) was just about to prepare to go back in 2012 really gets the best out of me and I do suck at crying even over light dramas. Sheez.

One lesson I can relate into the story is that, "never forget someone who is so important to you." That line can be withdrawn but it won't get rusted over time. Sometimes, and even nowadays, people are getting less cautious of the things around and tend to just let go of something that can be very important in the future, believing that we can always get another chance to have it back. But here's the thing: sometimes, the best things that come your way will never repeat to push for itself, so grab that chance and never let go. It may sound surreal and deep, but that's how our reality is... It's ike the same thing for the concept in Photography. I always believe that there's no second chances for taking the best angle, best time, best model or any best of the best, so take that one step forward and always create the BEST SHOTS because it only happens once in a lifetime. 

I just happen to kill a good half an hour posting this because I do want to play Diablo 3 since I started the Final Act, but I can't. Hmmm this addiction makes me want to buy my own account. Hell no, not this time. LOL.

Have a Good Night, folks.

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