Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I just love the feeling that I get in touch with Avon lately. Our talks may be limited, but I know and I tend to expect this feeling of waiting for her to tell a story the next day, just like the old times. Facebook wall post taggings may be there... Twitter mentions may be there... but nothing beats personal IM or even dropping a minute or two of phone calls just to check if I am okay, and likewise.

Before I started this blog, I can clearly remember the days we used to chat on the phone until dawn. We even came to a point that we have branded each other, a "human diary". We became something that we can write down almost everyday in just a normal notebook to pour our feelings out, and then exchange it the next day for us to read. It became a daily, then eventually a weekly habit for us when things at school (that time, in college) starts to get tough and stressful. Those days were totally fun, painful, and even thrilling. We used to write our favourite TV show criticisms, anime and manga, down to our school crushes, until to our very own frustrations of the day... Funny, and really nostalgic.

She's the last of my friends to bid goodbye before I came to Singapore. Funny, that I still remember that day when she kept on hugging me tightly and even showered me kisses. Whenever I read her letter (that she myteriously hid somewhere on my old planner) I always feel like crying. It's like my twin sister is so far away... and one part of me is missing... And I do feel that whenever we get in touch, she's missing me that much too... 

Now that she's in Pinas and I am here, I could feel the tension whenever I feel I needed someone to talk to. It may not be as light-hearted and as shallow as in our earlier days, still, I always love her listening to me, as I always do to her. The feeling of being comfortable and secured of my thoughts is always been entrusted to her and her good sense of giving advices. 

Is it just me or whenever I feel indecisive on life, she comes popping out all of a sudden and starts to knock my more-stressed-than-ever life. I appreciated that. She somehow signals a sign that I needed to be myself once in a while and enjoy the company of letting go of my deepest thoughts. Really just in time.

She logged out just now, and it do feels like I am on a cliffhanging episode. I have a feeling that she's going to tell me something really exciting on her life as of now, and I cannot wait to hear from her soon.

Just blabbin'... I do really missed my old days with her. No wonder I extremely misses her (too). :(

...and oh yeah, this is my first post since the year started. Damn! :))

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