Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday marked my 6th month in PwR. The first three months were crucial, nonetheless I can say that I have gained a place to what we always call "a small company with so many big projects". Now in my 6th month, I must say that I have found my strong points, as well as my weak points. My weak points these past few days made me a little bit depressed and frustrated because I came to a point that I an struggling to determine my "role" even I literally know the job I am supposed to do everyday, and so the thing called "belongingness" which I felt I don't because I am finding the most suitable role for myself amidst of all the problems and personal concerns recently. I always wanted to be of help but probably because of my weakness, some things cannot be completely held by me alone... Well... Maybe.

Still, I thank the whole "team" for filling up the things I've overlooked and for believing that I can be worthy. What I can do now is to shape up myself to make the strong points my "asset", and hopefully to lessen being forgetful of things. I know no one is perfect, but there is always a room for improvement. Thanks, guys. 

At home, Albert's parents are here in Singapore and I couldn't be happier for we are getting more than a dose of pinoy dishes and of course not to mention the whole package of having a 100% ambiance of pinoy home. I am so excited for the weekend because we're going to tour them on the places they have not seen yet. I cannot wait! ;)

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