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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I am glad to know that one of my so-called "personal" issues is almost coming to an end. Some answers are already cleared off the line, and yes, sure, a lot has already been explained even though I don't ask for it. All I can say is that my mind felt cool and calm, and somewhat away from being majorly restless... even just for tonight.

A very random thought: Why did I not aspire to become an actress, or an instant celebrity in the first place?


As I was watching the season finale of The Glee Project, several things came in to my views on the show... The contestants' lives would change drastically because they were given a chance to pursue their dreams. Yeee... Cheesy much. But that's a fact. In an instant they became one of the people all the Glee fans would be rooting for, shouting their names for, and most of all, would be glaring on the TV screen in every episode of the show.

Ironically from my blog post below, I was saying that it's funny how life can play with you like a yoyo spinning on a rough road. Some can have a hard time dealing with what they need to settle with. Whenever I watch reality shows or anything related for that matter, I always feel I can relate to the one who's supposed to go home and cry. But then again, it will contradict my actions whenever I think that winning a game isn't something you cannot achieve by not losing on the first try. Weeeellll, That statement is basically, of course, not applicable for people who were born VERY LUCKY.

I cannot totally despise how I live every single moment in this planet. I am still happy to know that I am still who I am, even if the world changes every tick on the clock. :)

Theeeen agaaaain, why do I always see the world being so unfair whenever I see Alodia Gosiengfiao?!

Tell me!


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