Monday, March 01, 2010

I always got the nick of getting myself pissed off with a while ago's MRT ride going to my office. JEEZ! Just when will I get done ranting all about this everyday? Please Please MRT, when will you and your staff conceptualize for another brilliant plan to keep your riders loyal to you? Well I guess we can't say, "oh we'll going to take another medium for a ride" because YOU, are the only one --- the RELIABLE one that can drive me south to keep on going on with this life. crap.

My heart was torn in a while ago's ride. See, I woke up real fair and early and anticipated for the best--- yes, it's the 1st of March... So there I was, waiting on the line, listening to Magic 89.9 and counting the minutes that I still spared for my patience. holy cheese I'm still at the line for like, half an hour, yet no one's telling us to "hey, you can proceed now." JINXED DAY. SUPER JINXED.

And what gets me even more annoyed was that face. That face getting all moody when someone entered the room and was like choosing the people he'd like to talk to... I mean, what the hell?! I'm being friendly and nice and all and you're just ignore me like I never said anything? Something's really wrong with that dude, I swear. And then what, after a couple of hours he's okay? Nah... Being moody at times gets all your surroundings feel uneasy on you, especially when you're the 'guy next to the big guy'--kind of thing. Goodness.

Sorry for the rant. My day's not as good as last Sunday though... but at the end of the day's work I'm being rewarded by Kalai, who had 2 free tix to watch "Cop Out". Hilarious movie! Thanks again Kalai... more power on you and your "future plans" LOL.

I need to rest, need to go to the site, early morning. Ciao :)

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