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Monday, March 01, 2010

it's been a while since i posted on a blog. i do multiply blogging for the past 2 years since i stopped on re-posting my rants here, until one day i dropped all of them. even though a lot of new things came into the cyber world, even though new helpful sites made blogging even more convenient than it was, still for me, nothing beats blogger. hehe.

and now that this site is "down" as some of my friends supposed to believe it was, i am now officially reviving this. yes, my dear... i am now back to this a bit old, yet reliable online diary that i once had. :) i must made my site looked a newly born one, but let's just say i'm still lazy at the moment. what's important is that i am announcing my comeback then again, and rest assured, things up here will change as i get more time for this than i was before.

moving on...

to refresh everyone's mind, I am an Architecture student... Since I don't post a lot on this site anymore, let me just say that I'll be formally taking my commencement exercises on the 25th, though I finished all the courses, summer of last year... I won't elaborate further of the details why, since I don't intend to broadcast this site's revival so, there you go. :) As of now, I worked on a small firm to get experience, and hit the board exams hopefully by next year. Wish me luck!

And so to de-stress myself, me and my nephew went to the Pyromusical Competition at MOA. I tagged along 2 of my friends, and thus meeting 4 more after. Then we had dinner at Dampa in Macapagal Ave, and to end the night out with laughter and good company.

At this point, I am being open to say that I missed one person, and wished he's never been away from me... I may be all hyped and laughing a lot a while ago, but I always feel this "missing part" inside of me. As I watched the fireworks display, I always thought, "it would have been nice if you're here beside me" kind of feeling... really. I felt sad for being this stupid to feel this way though but I had a point in me while watching the show that I felt I shouldn't be there, dramatizing the absence he made... The whole viewing made me go teary-eyed, and I just let it go since nobody sees me. lol.

I hope he's here with me... I'm so missing him a lot lately... It is true whenever others say, "you only realize he's existence when he's away from you." That really explains the "me" right now.

OH... i should sleep. another work day tomorrow... and i'd wait for another weekend to sleep long, and longer... I hope i don't see annoying people and pissing me off with their jokes that aren't suiting enough in the situation.

Have a sweet night people. :)

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