nonsenseness [bleach ep141 spoiler pala dapat]

Friday, September 21, 2007

i was so down this night because somebody gave me the vibes of being into it.

anyway, i just want to share what i have just watched a while ago.

i remembered every thursday, dattebayo [] is releasing the latest episodes of one of my favorite anime. [bleach, naruto, tsubasa chronicles, etc...]... now that it is on its 141st episode, it was sort of like a little special-filler type turning into something twisty and definitely a much awaiting story in the next episodes to come. i came sympathized to one of the female protagonists of the story [though the type of anime is more of the action type] because in the previous episode [140] she made a deal with the very bad guy to come with them and be their aid because if not, her comrades, especially the one who is so special to her will be in danger. [she possesses unique healing ability that the antagonist of the story got interested on]. and because of her soft heart she gave in to the condition... then she was only given 12 hours to do whatever she want, to prepare things before she'll be sent to 'hueco mundo' [meaning: hollow world]

she was asked to wear a special type of bracelet to always get a track on her, and also gives her the ability to pass through on walls if she desires to. lastly, she is about to say farewell to only one of  her friends and by midnight, she'll be sent to the hollow world and never come back.

well you see, she wanted to talk to all the friends she had but it ended that the only person she could say farewell to is the main character of the story, who is happened to be the most special person in her life. due to the previous dreadful fights in the series, the protagonist is sleeping for quite a long time and truly unconcious.

the catch: what struck me the most in the seires was that when the girl came into his bedroom, scope the room and even smelled the room as it was smelled like the guy. she held her hand like she can't hold him that much when he's awake, stared his face like she never did and she even dared to give him a kiss but she held back herself and cried, as she sighed and tell these lines: [originally in nihonggo]

"there were a lot of things i wanna do:
i wanted to become a teacher, an astronaut, and a baker...
i wanted to go to a bunch of different donut shops and ask for one of everything!
And i wanted to tell the ice cream man to give me one of everything, too!"

"i wish i could have five lives!
Then i could have been born in five different towns,
and eaten five lifetime's worth of food,
and have five different careers,

"...fall in love with the same person, five times."
"thank you... Good Bye."

and she left to go into the other world that she can't sure what awaits her there..

haha, for sure JC in some point will see this entry and laugh at me but mind you, when i watched this episode, it was the first time in this action type of anime that it actually made me sob.. ang babaw! the lines that Inoue [the girl] said was plain childish and innocent [she was mainly slow-minded and not so brilliant girl in the series] but it does make a lot of sense, like any other action-packed shows around. hehe.

wala lang, i just vent out the review i did with the story... anyway, i tried to maintain my entry into some extent that the readers can still relate, even though they don't watch the entire show.

aabangan ko yung ep142! haha.. pagpaumanhin sa barok na pagiingles. tao lang. gusto mag-improve.

for those who watched bleach ep141, there's a better review than this hehe. its at

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