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Thursday, September 27, 2007

i was suddenly moved when kamil and i, after browsing what i have posted in the "highschool nene's" photo album entry, told me:

kamil: sana me pic din tayo ni robert gerald reyes...
biggs: AY OO NGA NOH... [take note: all caps talaga yan nung tinype ko]
kamil: me mga pics sya sa friendster e---
biggs: ?!?!?!?!
biggs: HUWAAAAT??!?! PU***G *NA!!!
kamil: teka
kamil: hahahaha

then the rest was history. haha, we did some more talking until she gave me the holy link. hehe.. what can i say? aaaahhh!!

 i was indeed, too happy to hear that robert... has an existing profile on the net, thru friendster! i was so desperate to know what my all [almost life] time crush looked like now. he was my very first best boy bud, truly! i had [yes, had] a secret [now the world knows it already.. hi robert!] crush on him ever since prep. OO SINCE PREPARATORY! believe me or not, i never told anyone about it in school, not even to my own best gal friend/s! as in no one! way back then i always pray every year that i hope he's my classmate... he's even the reasons why i excel in class when i was in grade 5 because i might get the chance of being his classmate again when we reach grade 6... but then, fate tasted so sour and bitter, he transferred to another school... my young love-slash-infatuation crushed, along with my imaginations... :(

later i found out when i was in my first year hs, they already migrated in the states... poor me.
and now his face is haunting me like "here i am again..." juice ko!! hahaha!... grabe... though parang mejo dumungis sya at umangas ang looks, i still think i still like him. pero crush nalang talaga.. hindi na yung levelity na mag go beyond. hehe. anu ba...

robert robert robert... hmmm..... hahaha... grabe..

as i took a break from doing design, bigla ako napaisip what subjects am i going to have a bad possibilities of passing? sana wala pero, grabeeee sana wala bagsak! marami na ko naiisip para sa sembreak! kaya naman, noooo!! no to failing marks! boo!

badtrip and happy at the same time. a week after the finals, yehey na! and i was so blessed my brother loves to travel----isasama nya ko sa BACOLOD!!!! weeeeeeee!!! badtrip, kasi kung kelan tapos na ang design in which the site is located in bacolod, dun pa ko pupunta ng actual diba! pero wala na ko pake! happy na kung happy kasi i'll be seeing the masskara festival LIVE IN THE STREETS OF THE CITY OF SMILES!!! HAHAHA!! panalo!!

nakapagpareserve na utol ko ng flight! wow! hehehe!! ang saya! CHICKEN INASAL HERE I COME!!! NYAHAHAHA! :)

keeey, back to hell!

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