so happy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i never thought that at this very day i will be receiving not only a gift but gifts... after designing some things for the float to be finished (quite), i went to sm manila to buy cd and there met albert who have just got finished taking his work examination. i was kinda irritated of him, texting while i was on the way, knowing that it is quite obvious that it is super traffic going south. i told him he was soo "makulet" and i'll charged him a payback. and when i arrived i was stunned of something he was holding behind his back. an advance V-gift that's should be given pa by tomorrow.

red rose.

all my irritations wiped out. i really chuckled even just the sound of the wrapper! haha silly! its not that i never received any, but at that time when i wanna scold him was all gone. when i held it, smelled it, yebah boy, i was in deep flower craze.

i never demand for a bouquet nor a threesome go-go... its the thought that matters.

and it never stops there!

he visited my house, and greeted my mom an advance happy birthday (tomorrow!). i accompanied him at the train station like we usual thing we do but before he left, he gave me another surprise, and mind you, i was, really... super am.


superb! my favorite! i really cried at the moment he was releasing it in his bag. i never imagine he still has something in store for me. i was really shocked and even up to now, i am smiling, i can't explain so accurately as i could think.

though he's giving me such things in advance, (he needs to study for the tech interview for thursday) i couldn't hide the fact that i am kinda sad for tomorrow. but then i am so happy as much as maybe what it could actually happen for tomorrow because for some occasions like this he knew how to surprise me at its highest level, coincidentally that this day is, actually, also a special day.

thanks, albert. still, if only i could see you tomorrow, then maybe...

still again, thank you... *hugs and kisses*

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